In brief

In brief

  • Many companies are still struggling to get full value from their HR investments.
  • Cloud-based solutions are part of the equation—but a holistic solution is needed.
  • To deliver real business value and become a trusted advisor, HR must transform.

Want full value from your HR investments? Move beyond technology. Transform.

HR has the power to increase ROI, enable rich talent programs and improve employee satisfaction, productivity and talent growth. But to get there, it must become service-oriented, data-driven, agile and be able to connect services and offering both inside and outside of HR. It’s about embedding new ways of thinking and doing.

Start with this SlideShare to learn more about supercharging your Workday-powered transformation.

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Think end-to-end and top-to-bottom

HR transformation can no longer be thought of as linear: Adding one building block at a time. The silos must come down quickly, enabling the business to make better decisions through data—and drive better business outcomes.

It’s no longer HR transformation, a Workday deployment and an employee experience effort: It’s Workday-powered HR transformation.

To get it right, think deep and work fast

Helping HR drive concrete business benefits starts with transforming the traditional transaction and function orientation of HR. To learn more, visit

Ed Miller

Managing Director – Workday Business, Advisory Services Lead


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