In brief

In brief

  • Accenture surveyed 250 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders to understand the state of digitalization in biopharmaceutical R&D
  • Four findings emerged regarding the state of digitalization in the biopharma industry
  • Find out how companies can navigate the impediments to the value and progress that digitalization can drive

Our survey focused on key areas related to the implementation and adoption of digital technologies in biopharma R&D: strategy, value, progress, and barriers to adoption. Although we validated that some progress is being made, we did find a greater-than-anticipated gap between the expected value of digital in R&D and actions being taken to realize that value. Our report offers steps to help companies harness digital as a strategic enabler.

SLIDESHARE: Driving digitalization in biopharma R&D
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Biopharmaceutical companies are at a crossroads

While nearly three quarters of respondents believe digital will drive success in achieving key strategic R&D imperatives, just 36% say they're adopting digital as a key strategy. We believe that companies will see the benefits of their investments in digital when they address barriers including risk aversion, cultural and operational impediments and move from silos to scale.

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What’s the right path to digitalization?

It’s clear from our survey results that the desire exists to further adopt digital technologies—a desire that we expect is even greater today given the need to accelerate clinical development. Our observations and experience working with other industries prove that change will happen. What we don't know is the pace, who will set the tempo and who will ultimately lead.

For those who want to set the pace

Make it a strategic priority, address the full scope of change, make it a team sport, learn how to fail fast and prove the value of investments.

Accelerate your path to digitalization

See how biopharma companies can join the ranks of other industries that have successfully embraced digital disruption.

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Tom Lehmann

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Katie Miinch

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Petra Jantzer, PhD

Senior Managing Director – Global Life Sciences Lead


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