"The fast expansion of the Internet of Things has created challenges for our customers. Our partnership with Accenture enables new levels of innovation to move our customers from their legacy business models to digital methodologies quickly."

— CARLOS JAVARONI, Vice President – IoT Strategy & Digital Services Factory at Schneider Electric

Co-innovating to accelerate digital transformation

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, innovates connected technologies that reshape industries, transform cities, and enrich lives for its customers. As with their Digital Services Factory, Schneider partners with Accenture to create responsive, customer-centric digital solutions. This approach allows for responsive, agile digital innovation in three specific ways:

Digital Transformation

Speeding up the digital transformation journey through co-innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

Enabling relevant data-driven business decisions.

Digital Services

Combining real-time analytics with connected technologies and solutions on an Internet of Things platform, we are scaling our offers to respond to new customer needs.

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We strive to cut the development time to market by 80 percent, so that customers can drive forward their digital transformation and gain improved efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.

Driving co-innovation

Through the partnership to date, Accenture and Schneider Electric have ideated more than 100 new service ideas, incubated more than 10 new offers and launched three new services to the market. 

Thriving in the digital economy

Schneider Electric has also accelerated their analytics capabilities with the Analytics Factory, which is one of the capabilities of the Digital Services Factory. Combining real-time analytics with connected technologies and solutions on an Internet of Things platform, helps Schneider Electric answer customer needs.

"Analytics-based insights are helping Schneider Electric to be more responsive to—or even anticipate—customer needs. New smart digital services, such as predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and energy optimization help customer operations become more proactive and efficient."

— JEAN CABANES, Managing Director – Industrial EALA Lead at Accenture

Solving customers’ biggest digital transformation challenges at scale

How do we solve customers’ problems together?

Creating Customer Value for Schneider Electric

Carlos Jarvaroni Vice President of Schneider Electric describes how Schneider Electric and Accenture partner to solve current customer problems. See more.

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Our joint offerings

  • EcoStruxure Asset Advisor proactively addresses issues inside electrical distribution equipment to mitigate the risk of electrical failure, leveraging connected equipment, health and predictive algorithms with Service Bureau to monitor and anticipate risks. This new offer relies on an innovative business model combining asset selling with recurring service fees (starting model), this can evolve to an outcome-based model.
  • EcoStruxure Machine Advisor is a cloud-based services platform for machine builders. Track machines in operation worldwide, monitor performance data and fix exceptional events, while reducing support costs by up to 50 percent. Same business model as Asset Advisor.
  • Schneider Electric Exchange brings together experts and innovators from across industry, software, and startups to solve sustainability and efficiency business challenges. The digital ecosystem provides technology resources through APIs, data science/datasets, and SDKs; access to private and public communities; and a Digital Marketplace. Schneider Electric Exchange leverages a strategic partnership with Accenture to accelerate and scale digital innovation to solve specific customer problems related to energy and process efficiency.

HM19 | Digital transformation Through Co-creation and Co-innovation

Schneider Electric’s Cyril Perducat and Accenture’s Jean Cabanes Accenture discuss how to create customized solutions and develop digital business models.

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Start your digital transformation journey today

Schneider Electric’s Cyril Perducat and Accenture’s Jean Cabanes, share insights and best practices for companies embarking on a digital transformation journey.

Digital Services Factory with a Customer Centric Approach

Schneider Electric’s Cyril Perducat and Accenture’s Jean Cabanes, share insights on companies embarking on a digital transformation journey and the digital services factory. See more.

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