Accenture Health’s consultants and industry experts leave positive impressions throughout the world when working with global businesses and governments in need of solutions. The result? Clients spread the word.

Zenita Hirji put her degrees in Immunology and Health Administration from the University of Toronto to work when Accenture Health established a presence in Canada in 2018. Her 25-years in healthcare working at all levels from hospitals, to government, and community agencies, provided her with the unique skills set needed to navigate and understand the inner workings of Canada’s $228 billion health care system. From the start, Hirji understood the importance of using predictive health care analytics and Applied Intelligence (AI) as a primary tool when strategizing solutions.

Hirji and her Toronto-based colleagues regularly confer with Accenture Health’s vast international network of experts with quantifiable experience introducing and implementing similar national health care models in other countries. She relies upon the feedback and lessons learned from former projects when strategizing for a new client and ensures that they are kept in the loop every step of the way. For Hirji, information sharing with the client is crucial to relationship building.

"In my experience, clients are initially reluctant to change or to participate in ideation sessions when they’re presented with new models of care and system designs," says Hirji. "Once they see the potential of the outcome, however, they embrace the innovative solutions. We keep their goals and priorities front and center and understand their input is fundamental to success."

Recently, Hirji worked with colleagues from her home office and Accenture Health’s vast global network of thought leaders to create an IT solution for a major hospital system looking to leverage AI to automate clinical documentation. A comprehensive, cross-disciplinary review of the hospital’s work flow and technological infrastructure was presented. An AI solution was proposed that would potentially both save the hospital millions of dollars in operational costs and improve data quality.

"Our collaborative style and process resonated with the hospital because we brought credibility to the table, which is what differentiates Accenture Health from competitors," said Hirji. "Accenture’s only as large as you want it to be, which is why our tailored, hands-on, boutique approach surprises some clients."

Hirji relishes her Kenyan homeland but describes herself as "full-fledged Canadian" who often reflects on her grandmother’s pearls of wisdom and inspiration to do more for the world.

Our collaborative style and process resonated with the hospital as we brought credibility, which differentiates Accenture Health from competitors.

Zenita Hirji

Healthcare Technology Systems Expert


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