In brief

In brief

  • Cloud computing has been available in healthcare for years but understanding where the buzz ends and the business begins isn’t so easy.
  • The Accenture Future Systems report confirms that having a clear data strategy that includes cloud is crucial.
  • Even though cloud is a standard in some health organizations, Leaders take initiative and find ways to leverage cloud for new revenue streams.
  • The study examined the technology-related behaviors of Leaders and Laggards with respect to 25 key technologies—including cloud technologies.

How have healthcare leaders responded to cloud?

The Accenture Future Systems report is the largest survey of C-Suite executives on enterprise systems. As part of the study, we looked at the technology-related behaviors of Leaders and Laggards with respect to 25 key technologies—including cloud technologies.

"Acceleration of time-to-value by leading healthcare payers and providers is a key feature of cloud adoption with respect to data."

— Oleg Kucheryavenko, MD, MPH – Accenture

Doing nothing is not an option

One thing is clear: cloud strategies will impact organizational performance profoundly—if you delay, your competition will outperform you. Cloud computing’s unlimited computing and storage capacity and innovation in the public cloud provide numerous data analytics tools with massive scale, speed and ultimately competitive advantage. Adoption in healthcare is high at first glance (88 percent of health industry leaders are leveraging cloud to develop new products and streams), but enterprise use lags.

Understand cloud-based health data structures

Our research shows that healthcare Leaders use cloud data analytics to improve operations, clinical research, and care delivery. C-suite health executives have realized that cloud enables them to absorb and apply enterprise and patient data in new ways that make a significant different to the bottom line, while still providing appropriate protection of privacy, security and consent.

Healthcare leaders’ perspective on cloud


of healthcare executives (more than any other industry) said that moving to cloud was mostly about business agility.


of respondents are pursuing hybrid or primarily public cloud strategies, while just 12 percent are focused on private cloud-only expansion.

Climb the business stairway to cloud

We recommend the following steps to place you firmly on the stairway to data in the cloud.

1. Vision

Commit to a vision to become an AI-driven organization.

2. Design

Design a health cloud business case and strategy.

3. Model

Foster a data governance and agile cloud operating model.

4. Leverage

Leverage the unique consumption and purchasing strategies of the public cloud.

5. Collaborate

Collaborate within your ecosystem.

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