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In brief

Capital market firms: Filling a financing gap

The credit crisis in three phases

Phase 01

Iterative global government stimulus packages

Phase 02

Financial institutions providing liquidity via other credit solutions

Phase 03

Moving to equity and industry ownership implications

What we need: Innovative solutions, scaled

Develop innovative products

Access to data and analytics could help point the way for clients and improve the risk/reward relationship when making decisions.

Create a next-generation operating model

Firms should reevaluate their footprint and talent strategy and infuse operating models with next-generation tools like artificial intelligence.

Leverage industry scale

Think of using any upcoming consolidation waves to acquire firms that can help jumpstart specific capabilities while scaling your core.

Capital markets firms are facing unprecedented challenges, while at the same time liquidity from global central banks is providing markets with stability. Even during a global recession, companies in the securities industry have some cushion to improve their operating models.

Moving forward

About the Authors

Matthew Long

Senior Managing Director – Global Capital Markets Lead

Nicole Bodack

Managing Director – Capital Markets, Growth Markets Lead

Laurie McGraw

Managing Director – Capital Markets, North America Lead

Soichiro Muto

Managing Director – Capital Markets, Growth Markets Lead

Kimberly Richards

Managing Director – Banking and Capital Markets Strategy