New reality. New challenges. New opportunities.

Today, middle market banks face the reality of national players and fintechs pulling customers away with offerings they expect. Despite adapting and investing, the challenges to middle market banks are ongoing and growing. How can your middle market bank keep up with the majors and digital startups, meet customers’ changing needs, and implement solutions that address the startling pace of change?

Our new playbook offers four ways you can accelerate outcomes, compete with the majors, and thrive:

1. Engage your unique customer

Your customers love the local connection, but also value digital banking convenience. How can you offer the best of both worlds? With our skilled team, one regional bank brought a “mobile first” experience to life, making it possible to open an account in just 90 seconds.

2. Unlock your systems’ value

How can you improve customer experience at speed? One way is through digital decoupling. In 48 hours, our team helped a bank reduce high call volume in its contact center by designing/building a platform-based solution and rolling it out to their remote contact center workforce.

3. Empower your workforce

The war for talent is fierce. How do you attract and retain the best talent? A bank worked with us when it wanted to update its retail banking sales performance management and new incentive compensation. Outcomes included a 10% jump in attaining sales quotas and a 10% drop in high-performer attrition.

4. Bend the cost curve

How do you deliver sustainable cost savings over time? Working with a financial services company to achieve cost transformation, we enabled them to achieve 10% decrease in software spend, 26% savings in auto finance operations, and up to 10% savings in the services support category.

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Bank on us to do it better together

We’re flexible, practical connectors, linking you to our tech ecosystem and innovation network to ensure middle market banks can win.

Learn more from our new playbook about how, together, we can implement tried and tested solutions that ensure your success in the new reality of banking.

We have taken the best of what works at large banks resulting in plug-and -play solutions at the right scale and price.

Michael Abbott

Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

Paula O’Reilly

Senior Managing Director, Office Managing Director – Columbus

John Newlin

Managing Director – Residential Lending, North America


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