Accenture brought industry and technology strategy skills to help Globo prepare for a digital future.

Grupo Globo (Globo) is one of the largest media companies in the world, the major media group in Latin America, and Brazil’s undisputed leader across broadcast TV, online channels, print and radio. Globo is the leading content production and broadcasting free-to-air television in Brazil, and the largest Grupo Globo’s business unit.

Accenture brought a team of technology strategy and media professionals to help Globo conceive an integrated and ubiquitous technology organization, under a single and unified vision.

"Accenture’s contribution to this project has proven to be of the utmost relevance, making the validation process with Globo’s top leadership smooth due to the unquestionable value of the proposal."


What Accenture did

Facing disruptive impact of digital business models, a new breed of competitors and new consumption habits, Grupo Globo is looking to harness emerging technologies across each of its core business units. Globo has taken the lead in the Group’s business transformation, integrating its technology resources into one single organization.

Globo’s technology organization was structured vertically around business units and its traditional and digital distribution channels. Each unit had its own processes and structure, making it difficult to standardize and integrate technologies, to explore synergies and to promote collaboration.

Globo envisioned a ubiquitous technology organization across Digital, IT and OT domains. Globo was also seeking greater visibility of its technology landscape to develop an integrated technology strategy and investment plan that would enable the transformation of the business.

Value delivered

Accenture and Globo designed a comprehensive technology strategy and an integrated operating model that introduces new capabilities into a cohesive technology organization.

The technology landscape map stretched across IT, Digital Media and TV solutions and included 1,100 applications, 250 technical centers, 2,700 servers and 20 petabytes of storage. The map helped shape a strategic technology agenda, which recommended changes according to business criticality and implementation complexity. With this understanding of its environment, Globo could prioritize the actions needed to transform the business.

Accenture also worked with Globo on a technology operating model that brings together nearly 3,000 people from Information Technology, Operational Technology and Digital Media. The design encompassed organizational structure, processes, governance, sourcing and a transition plan. It also created three new capabilities:

A business relationship management role

to foster partnership among technology and business stakeholders to deliver timely and relevant solutions

An enterprise architecture role

to drive the evolution of the technology landscape by consolidating solutions, reducing complexity and managing cost and maintenance efficiency

An integrated innovation lab

to track market, consumer, product and technology trends and allow Globo to leveraging emerging technologies to create value and shape the industry

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Globo now has a key role in the business transformation of Grupo Globo. “On air” innovation is enhancing customer experience, while operational efficiency and excellence is improving behind the scenes.

Strategic alignment of the technology group is enabling the team to deliver solutions that are driven by the needs of the business rather than the capabilities of the underlying technology.

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