The public sector journey to secure cloud

Public sector organisations are searching for scale, speed, savings, and security in the cloud.

Cloud acceleration and digital platforms

Public sector leaders must plan to scale services rapidly and seamlessly using cloud technology and digital platforms while being mindful of trust and security.

Accelerate the outcomes

Public sector organisations with an outcomes-focused approach to cloud adoption increase resilience and flexibility.

Define the vision

Progress starts with a vision and a plan that sets the foundation and addresses barriers so that departments can move past them swiftly and strategically.

Take the right approach

Make plans with the destination in mind, and tailor the strategy to meet your organisations’ needs.

Focus on the people

Put people at the heart of the journey to cloud to transform how you work and serve citizens and businesses.

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The cloud imperative for public sector

Public sector organisations are embracing cloud at an accelerating rate. It’s no wonder. Cloud is the enabler for lower infrastructure costs and more flexible service delivery models. And consumption can be adjusted on demand, enabling data-driven decision making and more personalised services for employees and citizens.

As important as these outcomes are, the right approach to investing in and migrating to cloud is not always clear. This is compounded by the pressure to meet new demands, which emerged during the pandemic. The benefits of cloud are clear, but how can government departments break through these barriers and make cloud work for them and the people they serve? Read more here.

Case studies

Working with West Midlands Police and AWS to transform operations for the police force with data driven insights.

The cloud-based workplace project was designed to help Depaul better carry out its vital mission.

Running our business in the public cloud means Accenture can be fast, efficient and cost-effective.

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Partnering for the public sector

The Accenture and AWS partnership combines an industry leading platform with deep insight into the challenges and opportunities facing public sector leaders. Working together we help maximise the impact of the move to cloud for both departments and citizens.

See how our expertise is combining to help the UK public sector modernise, reimagine citizen services and gain new insight from their data.

What we think

Organizations must recognize that cloud is actually a future-proofing continuum.

Learn how to accelerate resilience and make your Cloud-First journey safe from the start.

Migrate to sustainable cloud to create value and reduce carbon emissions.

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