Truly human government

Truly human governments break down silos, build up capabilities and empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens.

Treat your citizens like customers

Public service agencies face the challenge of adapting to and meeting the unique needs and evolving expectations of a demanding society. They must do so at speed and scale, but providing consistent and personalised experiences is harder than ever.

To be able to predict and respond to customer needs, public service organisations must become more fluid and adaptable, breaking down siloes while incrementally building up the right capabilities.

Empowering the workforce with technology, making better use of data and collaborating with ecosystem partners will enable these organisations to move at the speed of their customers and become truly human governments.

Meet the human+ worker

The human+ worker is a top trend in this year’s Accenture Technology Vision 2019. For the public sector this means using technology to augment the workforce, improving employee experiences and delivering better outcomes for citizens and businesses.

Technology, tools and training will empower the workforce to perform existing roles in new ways and pick up where digital experiences leave off. Public service organisations can move from reactive to proactive, preventative and predictive service delivery, identifying—and servicing—those in need early.

To achieve all of this, government organisations must transform into more fluid, customer-focused, digitally enabled organisations.


How can you exceed citizen expectations?

Agencies must prioritise learning and reskilling to prepare employees for new, changing roles.

Citizens expect agencies to provide consistent, relevant experiences at the point of service.

The police workforce needs to adapt to the changing needs of citizens—VR can help.

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Irish Revenue Agency improves taxpayer experience

Tax. Known for complexity over customer service, it’s not the first place you look for innovation inspiration. Unless you’re The Office of the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland (Revenue). In a world first, Revenue saw the opportunity to better meet customer needs using new technology—delivering game-changing outcomes.

With telephone the most common channel for contact, Revenue receives more than three million calls a year. They’re not all complex enquires, but they all require, time, attention and friendly assistance.

For John Barron, CIO at Revenue, this customer service demand represented the perfect chance to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) automated services, as well as cutting-edge natural language processing. Revenue took a subset of calls related to tax clearance, to pilot a fresh way of managing customer calls.

The aim of this pilot was to prove the technology and offer a 24/7 automated service, providing the most efficient, effective experience for customers.

Meeting customer needs for an on-demand service with conversational AI technology.

Case studies

The city of Riihimäki, Finland is using artificial intelligence to provide better services and outcomes.

Improving the employee and student experience through Robotic Process Automation at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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The 360⁰ view of customer experience

Truly human governments break down silos, build up the necessary capabilities and empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens, designing experiences that meet the needs of an evolving society.

To become a truly human government, public sector leaders must learn from one another, work with ecosystem partners and, most importantly, listen to the citizens themselves.

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