Reimagining transactions and compliance

Changes in taxation and welfare services create opportunities for the UK government to make collections and disbursement more effective for citizens.

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Customer Experience

Achieving “compliance by design”

Simple. Personal. Digital. The new experience.

The pandemic saw the creation of a range of new programmes to support UK citizens and businesses. They have transformed the relationship between people, the tax collector and welfare service departments. Accompanied by a rise in new digital channels, these changes are likely to outlast the crisis and will continue to impact how governments engage people.

This is an opportunity to embrace change and help people and businesses to access the support they have a right to, whilst also fulfilling their tax obligations. Success will mean harnessing the power of new technologies and designing more simple systems that can adapt to the realities of modern life.

Making compliance work for people

Designing simple, personal and digital experiences is an opportunity to help people access vital services more easily and comply with their obligations - maximising revenue and building trust between government and citizens.

Experiences for people

The more “human” they are, the more they can change behaviours. The simpler they are, the more compliant citizens and businesses will be.

Clear communications

Non-compliance is usually the result of human error. Communication is essential to help people understand their entitlements and obligations.

Connecting into the ecosystem

Embracing networked ecosystems that include public and private partners can help simplify processes for users and improve compliance.

Digital infrastructure

Embrace cross-government digital identity, fintech inspired payments technology and advanced analytics to tackle non-compliance and improve services.

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