Borders in the era of AI

By noting the impact AI has in society, and raising it accordingly, border agencies can create a collaborative and powerful member of the workforce.

Artificial Intelligence, genuine impact

AI isn’t a technology of the future—it’s here now and can’t be put off until tomorrow. The sooner that government organisations embrace artificial intelligence, the sooner they will become more cost efficient and increase citizen satisfaction.

By recognising the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) now has in society, and raising it accordingly, border agencies can create a collaborative and powerful new member of the workforce. Whether that is the processing of migrants and asylum seekers or advanced risk checking of shipments crossing the border, AI will be a key collaborator in the future border agency.

That collaboration will be most successful if agencies ensure there are ways of understanding an AI system's outputs, whether by customers and employees, or other artificially intelligent systems. Border agencies must therefore think carefully about apportioning responsibility and liability for AI's actions.

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Citizen experience

Citizen AI: Raising AI to benefit society

As AI grows in its capabilities, border agencies must move to develop and “raise” their AI to act as responsible, productive members of society.

From the “smart border” to the “smarter border”

Imagine you’re passing through the airport of the future—picture the kinds of human/AI collaboration you might see.

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"Customer expectations are changing. We need to work smarter, and AI chat bots can play a major role in meeting new customer needs."

– VESA HAGSTRÖM, Chief Digital Officer – Finnish Immigration Service

Workforce reimagined

Human + Machine

Augmenting humans with machines means freeing up officers to spend more time on things machines can’t do—like thinking creatively to solve problems.

Extended reality

XR is removing the hurdle of distance, increasing access to people, information and experiences—providing opportunities for better training.

Responsible AI

Deploying AI at the border is not just about training it to perform a task. Agencies must gain citizens’ trust by displaying ethical behavior.

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Transforming the border

Frictionless organisations

Tomorrow's leading border agencies will be those that enable partnerships and data sharing across their complex ecosystem.

Personal interactions

A key benefit of digitisation is the ability to provide more personalised service. With AI, personalisation can be elevated to a whole new level.

Smart reinvention

It’s time to dig deeper into AI capabilities—and combine humans and machines in ways that reinvent processes and operations.

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What we think

AI might be the biggest technology revolution the world has ever seen.

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Meet our lead

I am focused on helping clients to facilitate travel, speed up processing and aid security at the world’s borders.

James Canham

Managing Director – Global Border Services