Smart connected product design & development

Design, develop, and launch software-enabled devices, equipment, products, and services.

Create smart products that are actually smart

Move your product portfolio to smart + connected.

Your own portfolio of digital offerings?

IoT-connected, software-enabled devices offer extraordinary opportunities for business: recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and higher margins to name just a few.

But for most companies, seizing these isn't exactly easy.

Creating a "smart, connected product" can be a tricky—and building a viable business around a challenge. It requires entrepreneurial will, digital savvy, and, yes: organizational change.

How can businesses muster all three—and then shape and execute a strategy for success?

We can help create it!

Rely on our industry leading expertise and "plug-and-play" set of solutions for creating, and maintaining smart connected products and digital product services! Accenture is helping some of the world's best product companies with...

Smart connected product strategy

Shape your portfolio strategy: From product blueprints and use cases to organization designs for product development to full-fledged project plans.

Connected devices development services

Transform your R&D function and build a connected product development organization to create your next connected device—from planning to ramp-up.

Deploy, run and operate solutions

We support your new connected device: from in-field support services and security operations to software maintenance and monetization optimization.

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Seize the benefits of digital products


Increase in revenues.


Reduction in time to market.


Reduction in lifetime R&D cost.


Reduction in HW & SW BOM Cost.


Increase in operating income.

Case studies

Drinkworks partnered with Accenture to help reinvent the home cocktail experience.

Renault worked with Accenture to create and maintain an app that offers personalized experiences.

Accenture helped Airbus use wearable technology to optimize its aircraft assembly.

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Our capabilities are strengthened and expanded through key acquisitions that bring new strategy services and expertise to our clients at speed. Access to leading industry players and specialists gives your business a competitive edge.

PLM Systems

August 3, 2020

The systems integrator helps Industry X in designing and building information systems for product life cycle management. Read more.

ESR Labs

April 1, 2020

Improves Industry X in developing embedded software for car brands and suppliers to drive greater value from software. Read more.


October 21, 2019

Adds expertise in Industry X to build the underlying IoT infrastructure and systems for connected products and services. Read more.

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