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Industrial Design Services

Industrial design helps shape a better future

How we work

We discover

Insights in people, technology and business. We delve deep into the intersection of desirable, feasible and viable, to uncover insights that shape the way we design and develop solutions. We gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients and their customers. 

We design

Physical products and digital experiences. Our approach to design is a holistic perspective that considers both the physical and digital aspects of the experiences we design. We aim to create truly innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate both worlds. 

We develop

Proof of concepts for confidence and scalability. Through prototyping, we enable ourselves to iterate and refine our ideas until we arrive at a scalable solution that inspires confidence in decision making. 

More of our work

Dorel Juvenile Maxi Cosi Coral

The first modular baby car seat that helps parents stay close to their baby. Using a demountable inlay to make it easier to carry outside of the car. Read more.

Wings for Aid

An unmanned cargo aircraft to get supplies into remote areas. Using PET-G for transparency, and a security system so boxes don’t fall incorrectly. Read more.

Liquid controls fuels IX register

Design of a digital platform, the CentriLogicIQ Smart Register and app connects to the cloud and provides business owners with a new level of insight. Read more.

EV Box B2B charger

A smart charging unit with a striking design that charges two vehicles at once, with an intuitive interface and integrated cable management system. Read more.

Docc Control – Smart building management

An IoT based facility management strategy that connects different networks and info. Plus application design and tools and training for installation. Read more.

Damen Shipyards

A tailor made tugboat dashboard to help deliver the most up to date information at the right time. Read more.

Awards & recognition

Our leaders

Frank Rennings

Managing Director Industry X – Netherlands

Eric Biermann

Design Development Director

Rodolfo Rangel

Business Design Senior Manager