Product as-a-service enablement

Delivering superior experiences to your always-on customers.


Servitization as a product strategy

Struggling to deliver "as-a-service" excellence?

Yes, the rise of "as-a-service" offerings is changing companies' relationships to customers for the better. But it's also putting ever more pressure onto the service organizations of these companies.

The new expectation? Maintain and service highly complex products, deliver excellent experiences, and collaborate with other functions in the enterprise—all while keeping costs in check, of course.

Meeting these goals is challenging for sure; for many, it's even a frustrating struggle.

But... it doesn't have to be.

We're here to help

Our experts' partner with clients to prepare, optimize, and even deliver everything you'll need for your successful pivot to a successful as-a-service business.

Aftermarket & service operations enablement

We'll optimize your service operations—whether these are for-profit aftermarket ops or internal maintenance functions. Using industry-leading solutions, our experts will improve both product reliability and customer loyalty.

Product as-a-service transformation

Striving to push beyond mere optimization? We'll work with you to reinvent your very service operations, from strategy to organization all the way to tools and talent. Rely on our expertise for a quicker, more efficient journey towards "as-a-service"!

Platform operations & support

Let us help you improve your service operations and platforms for higher income and reduced operating cost—from service app integration to workflow and operations optimization, to partner and ecosystem management.

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Reap the rewards of optimized service operations!

15 to 20%

increase in service income.

15 to 20%

decrease in service operating cost.

10 to 25%

less invested capital.

Your service organization, in the new

The clients we work with get more than just our expertise, insight, and know-how—they get to use all of our best digital solutions for cloud- and AI-enabled service operations:

Accenture aftermarket parts lab

Real-world laboratories using Accenture methods and software to optimize spare part prices using perceived value, benchmark and branding criteria.

Accenture Insights Platform (AIP)

A comprehensive, easily scalable platform for analytics and data management "as-a-service"; can we deliver through the cloud or on-site.

Accenture Warranty Analytics Solution (AWAS)

A machine-learning-powered solution for reducing the cost of invalid warranty claims. Significantly shortens the detection-to-correction cycle!

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Our capabilities are strengthened and expanded through key acquisitions that bring new strategy services and expertise to our clients at speed. Access to leading industry players and specialists gives your business a competitive edge.

PLM Systems

August 3, 2020

The systems integrator helps Industry X in designing and building information systems for product life cycle management. Read more.

ESR Labs

April 1, 2020

Improves Industry X in developing embedded software for car brands and suppliers to drive greater value from software. Read more.


October 21, 2019

Adds expertise in Industry X to build the underlying IoT infrastructure and systems for connected products and services. Read more.


June 3, 2019

Bolster capabilities in the design of smart products and services for automotive, industrial equipment, medical and high-tech industries. Read more.

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What we think

Explore how to better connect your business functions.

Accenture's digital transformation services powered by Industry X prepare enterprises for a new era of advancement and growth.

Our latest research reveals how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the power behind digital reinvention

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