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Our support networks in the UK

Regional skills and offices

1. Gender


UKI women recruitment mix in FY22, with the UK recruitment mix at 41.7%, up from 36% in 2015


UK MD promotions were women in fiscal 2022, up from 24% in 2015


UK employees have taken shared parental leave since May 2020

2. Ethnicity


Employees have participated in Engage! since 2021


Black headcount growth since representation goals were set in 2020


growth in Black MD headcount since representation goals were set in 2020


of our new joiners in FY22 were Black, Asian or from other ethnic minorities

Taking a stand against racism

3. Social mobility

Using tech and design to overcome bias

Accenture’s early talent recruitment team is using leading-edge technology to see human potential more clearly. Read more.

From estate block to coder: Skills open new routes

Skills to Succeed Academy helped Michelle O’Neill see her potential, then a Movement to Work programme set her on the path to a tech career. Read more.

Innovative career pathways beyond our organisation

We co-founded Progress Together, focusing on progression, retention and socio-economic diversity in the financial services industry. Read more.

4. Enablement


Accent on Enablement network members support our people with a disability to perform at their best


of our UK workforce are trained as Mental Health Allies


of our people have completed Thrive Global programmes since FY20

Mental Health Awareness Week


The freedom to be your best

Bringing our identities to work