Innovation and rapid change benefit business in extraordinary ways, but they also shine a light on our responsibility to ensure that technology doesn’t leave people behind. For us, creating value also means helping communities prepare for the future.

That’s why in 2015 we set a goal to equip three million people globally by 2020 with the skills to get a job or build a business, opening doors to employment and economic opportunity. By 2019, we had surpassed that target, reaching 3.6 million people.

In addition to closing skills gaps and helping build the workforce of the future, our people also look for ways to harness technology to create a positive social impact and transform society at scale.

"We need to ensure the communities where we live and work aren’t left behind."

— CAMILLA DREJER, Director of Corporate Citizenship UKI

Accenture offers a range of support to drive positive social impact, including pro bono consulting projects, volunteering with strategic partners and cash funding. Our strategic partners include charities, social enterprises and other welfare-to-work organisations that share our commitment to helping young people and workers thrive in the digital economy.

Our investment in communities ranges from helping guide digital transformation at The Prince’s Trust, to developing an AI prototype that helps job seekers improve their interview skills that we piloted with the East London Business Alliance, and to co-founding the FutureDotNow coalition to ensure vulnerable people have digital access.

Our UK people provided more than 34,800 hours of pro bono consulting last year to charities, social enterprises and other welfare-to-work organisations.

In addition, our employer-supported volunteer UK programme, Time to Volunteer, gives each of our people three days of paid time to volunteer every year. Last year alone, more than a fifth of our people spent a total of nearly 27,300 hours volunteering.

We need to ensure the communities where we live and work aren’t left behind.

— Camilla Drejer, Director of Corporate Citizenship UKI

1. Skills to succeed

Our Skills to Succeed initiative reflects our end-to-end commitment to the global workforce.

  • Workforce of today: Experienced workers learning new skills
  • First jobs and apprenticeships: Individuals preparing for a first job or business venture
  • Next generation: Young students getting the skills they need to prepare for a digital future

The aim is to help today’s workforce adapt to a fast-changing jobs landscape and prepare the future workforce we will need.


Learned skills through the UK Skills to Succeed Academy.


Learned skills through the Accenture Digital Skills Programme.


Pro bono consulting hours in one year.

Training alternatives unlock new talent

Rob O’Connor is working on projects that apply technology to help communities.

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2. Social innovation

Every day, our people turn technology into innovations to transform society at scale.

Using emerging technologies, we can open a new world of opportunity for positive social impact, from gender equality and climate action to economic mobility and education.

3. Accenture Development Partnerships

Accenture’s way of working encourages and challenges us to confront big problems. Accenture Development Partnerships does that head-on allowing our people to use their skills to improve millions of lives in the developing world.

Together with our clients, NGOs, foundations and government financial institutions, our people work to improve millions of lives in the developing world and bring us closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Since launching in 2003, Accenture has completed more than 1,600 projects in 90 countries across areas such as health, gender, education, financial inclusion, humanitarian response, agriculture, water and energy access.

Inclusive business

With the UK Department for International Development, Accenture researched inclusive business models serving economically-marginalised populations.

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