ID, Empowered by Accenture

At Accenture, we believe in empowering each and every identity. Because, when we do, we start to build the truly inclusive world in which we all want to live. It’s why we’ve launched ID, Empowered by Accenture. It’s our commitment to equality. Our answer to inclusion and diversity. And our invitation to society to stand alongside us.

Empowering every identity

With the help of Yemeni photographer, artist and refugee, Thana Faroq, we’ve created a series of stories that explore what identity means to some of our very own Accenture employees. From what they believe to who they love to what they want to achieve, every piece is as unique as they are.


Putting people first

When we empower our people to be themselves, we make our organisation stronger. By leading with culture, we're able to bring out the best in them. So, they can bring out the best in everyone else.

Meet our culture makers…

Taking positive action

We know that words are not enough to fight racism, intolerance and inequality. Action is the key to making change happen - and, so, we're taking it. By working with communities inside and outside of our organisation, we're helping to create more opportunities and empower more people to be at their best.

Taking action against racism

Fighting for equality every day

Through our collective efforts, we hope to grow a greater understanding of how to foster inclusive environments and identify actions that can eradicate bias in both the workplace and the community. Listening. Learning. And leading. We're committed to championing greater equality progress every day. Watch the videos to find out more.

How Accenture works across cultures

Our commitment to a culture of equality

IWD 2021

Pledge for equality

A culture of equality

Julie Sweet talks about a culture of equality

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