June 03, 2020
Accenture presents ‘The Art of Kindness’
By: Accenture UK

Inspired by the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, Accenture employees teamed up with illustrator Giulia Sagramola to create a mini-graphic novel that brings to life the role kindness plays in their lives.

 The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness  The Art of Kindness


1. Go to bed at a regular time.
Human physiology craves routine.
You process emotion and anxiety better – making it easier to be kind to others.

“Giving yourself a really good night's sleep is an extremely kind, extremely sensible thing to do for ourselves.”

– Dr. Alex Cutting, Professor of Psychology and Physiology, University of Notre Dame, London Campus, who presented to Accenture employees during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

2. Rebalance your relationship with your mobile.
Your mobile is a tool, use it for what you intend to do. Try placing a post it on your phone with the word “INTENT.”
Notice how much less time you spend on social media.

“Self-observation and reflection becomes an act of kindness in itself.”
– Jonathan Garner, Founder of the wellness consultancy Mind Over Tech who presented during Mental Health Awareness Week.

3. Ground your feet.
Take off your shoes. Feel four corners of each foot resting on the floor. Feel the true meaning of the word ‘grounded.’

“Being present in that moment is a natural kindness toward yourself and the world around you.”
– Kaitlin Wong, Accenture’s Yoga club instructor, who led a special Mental Health Awareness Week online session.

4. Share the challenges you face.
Just because we aren’t talking about something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it.
You’ll be surprised many others are going through something similar.

“There are more women over the age of 50 in the workforce than ever before, there is still a taboo surrounding the topic of menopause.”
– Dr. Louise Newsom, GP, menopause specialist and Mental Health Awareness Week presenter.

5. Let go.
Give yourself a moment of release to shake out that tension.
Rhythm can drive the blues away.

That’s why we kicked off Mental Health Awareness with an online Ecstatic Dancing session run by Georgiana Savastre.

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