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Eradicating the inequality pandemic

Driving innovation through I&D

Some practical resources

Creating new value

We strive every day to better serve our clients, by enhancing diversity, enabling equal life chances and protecting the planet. Read more.

MOBOLISE powered by Accenture

A digital platform to connect black talent, with the best career opportunities, within the most forward thinking organisations. Read more.

Closing the gender pay gap

We've brought Accenture UK’s median gender pay gap to 9.8% versus a UK average of 17.3%. Find out about our work to lower it further. Read more.

Creating a culture of equality

This survey of over 1,500 women and men who self-identify as LGBT, identifies 40 workplace factors that create a culture of equality. Read more.

Gender equality drives innovation

2019 Getting to Equal research discusses how a culture of equality is a multiplier of innovation and growth. Read more.

Balancing head and heart with Randall Tucker

Randall Tucker explains how Mastercard intertwines data and lived experience to make life better for their employees and its customers. Read more.

The hidden value of culture makers

Think your workplace culture is inclusive? Your employees might think differently. Learn how to close this perception gap. Read more.

Visible growth; invisible fears

By some basic measures, LGBT+ employees in many parts of the world have progressed in the workplace. Read more.

Creating a culture of equality for LGBT employees

It’s never been more important to foster a culture of equality by standing together.

The lack of visible LGBT+ women in the workplace

We raise the question of why there aren’t more visible LGBT+ women leaders in the workforce. Read more.

Enabling change for people with disabilities

Delivering the promise of technology and human ingenuity means creating an inclusive and accessible workplace for everyone to thrive. Read more.

Global business partnership for LGBTI equality

From commitment to action. Watch more.

Other links

Enabling change

Our latest Getting to Equal research sets out the eight workplace factors that unlock inclusivity. Read more.

Open for business

Our new report with Open for Business shows that LGBTI inclusive cities are linked to greater levels of economic resilience. Read more.

Building gender-inclusive voice assistants

We created "Sam" – a non-binary voice assistant – to advance inclusive representation and breakdown gender stereotypes. Read more.

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