Tackling inequality together

We know that we can't create an inclusive world alone. We must work together to make equality a reality. It's why we work side-by-side with our people, our partners, our clients and wider communities to champion greater progress in whatever way we can.


Working as one

When it comes to equality, we know listening is the key to leading. It's our people and their passion for inclusion and diversity that inspires what we do, why we do it, and how we do it too.

What does pride mean?

50 years of Pride

Celebrating our non-binary people

Enabling change: A celebration for IDPWD 2020

Workplace diversity and accessibility

I am visible

How disability fuels an innovative spirit

Enabling technology accessibility at Accenture

Forging new paths with Lisa Bertolini

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How to be an ally to transgender people every day

Fernanda Mayr Ferreira shares her personal journey and offers advice for allies in and out of the workplace. Read more.

Five women advancing lesbian visibility

Five inspiring women share words to live by and the importance of being our true selves. Read more.

Living authentically: Going beyond the binary

Meet three of our people who explain what it means to be part of the non-binary community and ways you can be more inclusive. Read more.

Learn what the 'B' is all about in LGBTQ

Meet three of our people who share their thoughts on our culture of equality and how we can all be better allies. Read more.

Coming out with all pride and no prejudice

Saptarshi Mallik shares his story of self-acceptance and of living authentically both personally and professionally. Read more.

Let me be perfectly queer

Cortland Russell shares what identifying as queer means to him and how respect for who he is has been a differentiator in his career. Read more.

A colourful, barrier-free career with O.I.

Graphics & Production Analyst Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta shares how brittle-bone disease couldn't stop him achieving his goals. Read more.

Why workplace accessibility matters

Meet Sergio, Beatriz and Jonathan, the change-makers who are working to ensure that people with all abilities have equal opportunities. Read more.

Driving technology accessibility in the workplace

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we look at how Accenture is creating an inclusive work environment for people with all abilities. Read more.

How autism helps propel my blockchain career

Christine Leong has the uncanny ability to remember the details of every conversation she has—usually without taking notes. Read more.

Driving the accessibility advantage at Accenture

Accenture is driving technology accessibility in the workplace to support our people with disabilities across the globe. Read more.

Black is…

During our 2019 Black History Month event six of our people took to the stage to tell their personal stories. Watch stories.

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