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Identity stories

Identity Stories

In partnership with Thana Faroq

A while back, I heard that scientists had invented a medicine which makes people forget painful memories. I was charmed by the idea…

Andrew's identity story

Ethnically, I'm half Swedish and half Nigerian. I was given up for adoption at 10 days old, back in 1961… Read story.

Caryn's identity story

I think identity is such a complex thing. Even without the geographical complexity my identity brings… Read story.

Freha's identity story

It’s such a beautiful place. Edinburgh. My home. It’s easy to forget such things. It’s easy to forget the things that make us who we are… Read story.

Jonathan's identity story

I’ve got a whole range of different hobbies, giving me this sort of jumbled personality. There’s the art side. Photography. But, also, the… Read story.

Lakhbir's identity story

I was born at six months, premature, with a cyst in my lung. Of course, I don’t remember it, but I sort of feel it… Read story.

Lauren's identity story

I’m a Korean American. My parents moved to America in the 70s. And I was born and raised in California, where there’s so much... Read story.

Moyin's identity story

I see myself as a very practical person. Every book I’ve ever read has been some kind of personal development book. And I truly believe… Read story.

Moyinoluwa's identity story

I moved here from Nigeria when I was 14. So, I definitely have different levels of home. First there’s home, then there’s home home… Read story.

Naomi's identity story

My dad died when I was four. My mum, she didn’t have a job. Growing up poor, you don’t feel like you have choices. But you do. We all do… Read story.

Walid's identity story

I grew up in Woolwich, but my parents migrated here from Somalia. And we’re very close. Growing up I used to ask them so many… Read story.

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