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Fueling payments growth with new value propositions

三月 1, 2022


In brief

Payments is poised to expand. It is also a hotbed of disruption and innovation. This is no coincidence.

The future of payments is bright. Some industry players will shine brighter than others.

Take the friction out of the process

Bring together disjointed systems and channels into an integrated commerce experience—allowing customers to pay how they want.

Push the purpose lever

Align to customers’ values by providing payments services that advance their financial health, the good of society, and environmental sustainability.

Go beyond the payment

Find growth in value-added services like data monetization, SME e-commerce solutions, personalized journeys for consumers, and identity verification.

Three ways to reach new heights in the future of payments

To unlock payments growth, banks and payments providers will need to sharpen their value propositions, embedding payments seamlessly into the flow of life and work.

Frequently asked questions

Managing Director – Management Consulting

Edlayne Burr

Managing Director – Payments Lead, Growth Markets