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The future? Making technology more human

Accenture Technology Vision 2024 explores how technology is becoming more human by design, transforming the way we work and live.

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January 15, 2024

Tech Vision 2024
Tech Vision 2024

Once upon a time people had to adapt to technology. Now technology is becoming more and more human-like, emulating the way we think, act and communicate. 

Take the remarkable progress in generative AI for example - a technology that can craft scripts and images so sophisticated that it's becoming increasingly difficult to know who created it - human or machine?

Technology that is more intuitive, both in design and its very nature is sparking a new era of reinvention – one that will unlock unprecedented human productivity and creativity.

Accenture's 2024 Technology Vision report explores how AI and other emerging technologies are unleashing a new level of human potential, the ethical questions it raises, and how this reality is reshaping the way we work and live.

Make it human - the 2024 trends:

  1. A match made in AI explains how our interaction with data and information is changing – and with it, how we think, work, and interact with technology. Generative AI is ushering in a world where data is reorganized in ways that facilitate human-like reasoning and even mimic creativity. With 95% of executives believing that generative AI will compel their organization to modernize its technology architecture, forward-thinking leaders are already exploring the future of data-driven business and managing knowledge.

  2. Meet my agent explores how today, artificial intelligence is a tool. However, in the future, AI agents could operate whole organizations. And it’s not just us that think so. 96% of executives agree leveraging AI agent ecosystems will be a significant opportunity for their organizations in the next 3 years. These automated agents will not only assist and advise us, but also take decisive actions on our behalf in both the physical and digital worlds. Agent ecosystems hold immense potential to enhance productivity and innovation that goes far beyond human comprehension. However, their value will depend on human guidance, and it’s our responsibility to provide appropriate oversight.

  3. The space we need emphasises the urgency for leaders to get ahead in the field of spatial computing to secure a lead position in the next era of technology and innovation. And they’re already tuned in, with 92% of executives agreeing that their organization plans to create a competitive advantage leveraging spatial computing. Leaders will need to reassess their approach and recognize the effect recent technology advances are about to have.

  4. Our bodies electronic discusses how a new human-technology interface is a fresh approach to a long-standing business challenge - providing companies with better insights into individuals as human beings. Nearly one in three consumers agree they are often frustrated that technology fails to understand them and their intentions accurately. A new human-technology interface which uses innovative, embedded technologies, such as AI-powered wearables, brain-sensing neurotech, and eye and movement tracking, can unlock a better understanding of us, our lives and our intentions - using those deeper insights to enhance the way we work and live. 

Technology that is human by design can reach more people, expand access to knowledge, unlock new levels of innovation and allow everyone to play a role in the digital revolution.

Join us in embracing this future, where we have the power to shape how we use technology - making it human-centered and a tool for positive impact.

Read the full Accenture Technology Vision report here.

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