Truly human government

Truly human governments break down silos, build up capabilities and empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens.

Meet the Human+ Worker

The human+ worker is a top trend in this year’s Accenture Technology Vision 2019. For the public sector this means using technology to augment the workforce, improving employee experiences and delivering better outcomes for citizens and businesses.

Technology, tools and training will empower the workforce to perform existing roles in new ways and pick up where digital experiences leave off. Public service organisations can move from reactive to proactive, preventative and predictive service delivery, identifying—and servicing—those in need early.

To achieve all of this, government organisations must transform into more fluid, customer-focused, digitally enabled organisations. Find out more here.

How can you exceed citizen expectations?

Governments must have a strong leader at the helm to make the citizen experience a priority. Introducing the "Chief Experience Officer".

Creating an environment in which everyone can be their authentic selves is a business imperative.

Personalising services requires an agile organisation and an empowered workforce.

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Citizen experience in the digital age

85% of citizens expect the same or higher standard of quality from government services as they do from commercial organisations. Citizens are digital customers; they engage and transact online every day. They are accustomed to consuming delightful, relevant and seamless experiences, with brands that continuously reinvent themselves to anticipate customers’ goals and needs.

As customers’ expectations escalate and evolve in the commercial sphere, so too will their expectations for how they engage with the government. To transform itself and meet this shift in expectations, a digital government must go beyond bolting on technology to their agencies’ existing systems and processes.

Digital Government Transformation

Public agencies have opportunities to engage with empathy, proactively empower citizens and orchestrate seamless experiences.

Truly human government in action

Accenture and Government Technology Agency of Singapore enhanced the SingPass system to meet citizens’ high expectations.

Helping the Singapore Ministry of Defence personalise engagement with the National Service community.

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Truly human public safety

Truly human governments break down silos, build up the necessary capabilities and empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens, designing experiences that meet the needs of an evolving society.

To become a truly human government, public sector leaders must learn from one another, work with ecosystem partners and, most importantly, listen to the citizens themselves. See for yourself how leaders are rising to the challenge.

Truly Human Public Safety

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Transforming public service

By leveraging deep industry expertise and applying it to the specific challenges that public organisations face, we can deliver proven solutions, end-to-end. We’re infusing government with the fresh thinking it needs to give citizens what they want.

Modernizing the core

Evolving core operations, processes and systems whilst embedding innovation, leaders can deliver the services that citizens demand.

Innovative Technologies

Driving technology use to tackle opportunities and challenges, prepare for change and create value.

Public Sector Consulting

Accenture is recognised for transforming service delivery and achieving high impact outcomes.

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