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Intelligent Operations means applying a strategic approach to advance the operating model. It’s about transforming the business through technology, processes and people.  It drives innovation, creates better experiences for customers and enables employees to make faster and smarter business decisions. It’s about becoming an operation that is agile, resilient and able to respond to change at speed.

With over 196,000 practitioners in industry, technology and process, and the world’s most advanced machine intelligence, we can transform your business to create intelligent operations that deliver sustained business outcomes. With seamless integration between services, we combine human ingenuity with applied intelligence and digital technologies to create measurable value.

Enabled by SynOps, we have the unique ability to build and scale future-ready operating models with our human + machine intelligence to drive sustainable growth with speed, certainty and security.

We build and scale intelligent operating models to drive sustainable growth with speed, certainty and security.

Discover how organizations can double their chances of future-ready operations in the next 3 years.

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Operations capabilities

With more than 196,000 exceptional people in over 50 centers, we apply intelligence, innovation and deep industry experience, together with New IT and new skills to drive business value and growth. Learn more about our services.


Operations case studies

Building a sustainable, digital-first future for a leading communications company.

How a North American retailer used SynOps, cloud-based technology to improve its talent and HR operations.

A multinational food and beverage company reinvents Order to Cash and Source-to-Pay.

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Discerning signals from noise in marketing data

How most organizations are missing opportunities to use data to deliver impactful, actionable results.

Metaverse continuum set to redefine how the world operates

The metaverse stands to bring people-centric technology experiences to life, redefining how we work, collaborate and interact.

The competitive edge for insurers

Compressed transformation is about creating a better relationship with customers and gaining a competitive advantage.

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We work as one team with diverse expertise to create 360° value.

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