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Powering SMB transformation: CSPs’ path to new growth

setembro 5, 2022 10-minutos de leitura


In brief

To power big growth, CSPs need to assemble a collaborative ecosystem that will capture the SMB opportunity.

What SMBs really want

1. They want to move fast

SMBs have made a decisive leap to digital but need the support and tools to make this switch as successful as possible. These include cloud-based services, support for secure remote working and digital customer.

2. They want to simplify

Most SMBs would like to reduce the number of providers they use for IT and digital services and prefer pre-bundled solutions that will meet their business needs.

3. They want a customized experience:

SMBs, even the least tech-savvy, want to be guided through every single step of the shopping experience, including post-sale.

Getting the SMB opportunity right

Curated vertical bundles

These do the heavy lifting for SMBs by packaging what they need to achieve a given business goal — and with simple and clear pricing.

Guided journey

SMBs expect support that understands what they are trying to achieve along with recommendations for the right path to get there.

Seamless integration

Implementing a bundled solution needs to be as easy as possible and respond to each SMB’s degree of technological maturity. Cloud-based solutions, services and support can streamline the process.

Business analytics

A marketplace can create more engagement and longer-term commitment post-sale by offering a range of valuable tools, such as data analysis that lets SMBs track KPIs.

Thriving community

A marketplace-driven model helps SMBs, partners and vendors engage to create new opportunities for monetization for all.

Marketplace approach

Create a multi-sided platform or develop dedicated vertical offerings with complete integration and post-sales services.

Making the marketplace happen

CSPs can become the trusted growth partners for SMBs, bringing the best of both consumer and enterprise-level offerings including cloud, security and other digital and IT services, working closely with the ecosystems to supercharge their growth.

The way forward

Boris Maurer

Managing Director – Communications & Media Lead, EMEA

Boris leads the Communications and Media industry practice in Europe.

Davide Bellini

Managing Director – Communications and Media

Sanjay Dhar

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy

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Research Associate Manager – Communications & Media

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