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Consumer Lending

Consumer Lending capabilities

Consumer credit transformation

Banks can tap digital technology to make their credit operations more effective, innovative and disruptive—start to finish.

Modern target operating model

Distinctive and growth-driving lending today calls for credit operating models that are digital, flexible, dynamic and customer-focused.

Sales strategy and innovation

Established lenders that rely on their retail footprint can distinguish their interactions and offers to attract and acquire borrowers.

Residential mortgage lending

Incumbents can draw on modern processes and disruptive technology to adapt their mortgage operations to the digital age—with speed and efficiency.

Loan servicing platform innovation

Understanding and investing in the right technologies with the right partners comprise the foundation for lending operations in the New.

Give retail borrowers the experience they want

What distinguishes our credit transformation services?

Deep experience

Decades working with 100+ major lenders

Business process services

Lower costs and faster cycles


Alliances around game-changing software products that help lenders perform faster, smarter and with more agility

Efficient delivery

Implementing solutions through an agile model for better speed, cost and control

Accenture Digital

36,000+ specialists in one of the world’s largest digital transformation practices

What we think

New models to win the in-vehicle technology race

Mastering in-vehicle commerce can help automakers stay in the driver’s seat of mobility.

Our leaders

Chris Scislowicz

Managing Director – Global Lending Lead

Wes Slocum

Managing Director – Accenture Credit Services