What It Is

AI is a constellation of technologies—from machine learning to natural language processing—that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn.

Why It Matters

Artificial intelligence will transform the relationship between people and technology, charging our creativity and skills.

Where It's Going

The future of AI promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision.

The promise of AI

The promise of AI is within reach. Read about the steps to achieve AI success and get the most out of your investments.

Accenture Technology 2020

Explore the top tech trends that redefine the intersection between people and technology.

Why a portfolio approach to AI drives scale

To be strategic with your AI pilots and ensure they scale successfully, treat them like an investment portfolio.

The ROI of AI

Learn about how you can get started with AI when determining future risks and returns is difficult.

Powering AI

AI is only as smart as the insights that fuel it. Learn about how to unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

How to build a data strategy to scale AI

Laying the foundation with a strong data strategy—regarding data culture, data quality and data privacy—is crucial to scaling AI successfully.

Maximize collaboration through secure data sharing

A new family of Privacy Preserving Computation techniques allow data sharing with trust and security. Learn how this unlocks new opportunities.

User first: Flexible data for better decisions

A new approach to data consumption models is powering the evolution of business, using dynamic, AI-powered enterprise intelligence.

Working with AI

AI is changing the way work gets done – helping us do things differently and do different things

The virtual workforce: Why build when you can rent?

In an increasingly dynamic world, there are many benefits and opportunities to renting the virtual workforce.

The AI-Augmented CFO

Explore three ways AI is augmenting decision-making for CFOs and expanding their roles.

New, unexpected skills for AI success

AI projects can create demand for expertise you might not expect or have available on hand. Learn how to plan for these potential skills shortfalls.

AI Ethics

Many companies and their employees are reaping the benefits of intelligent automation (IA), a technology that processes large amounts of information to let people do higher-value work.

How to stop AI from reinforcing biases

To build algorithms responsibly, we need to pay close attention to potential discrimination or unintended but harmful consequences.

An AI governance approach that supports innovation

Knowing A.I. can be both powerful and at times unpredictable, how do you responsibly govern A.I. without stifling innovation?

Explainable AI

As AI expands into areas with large impact on people, such as health care, it will be critical to subject the technology to greater human scrutiny.

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