Delivering the best prepared athletes to the start line

Athletic performance continues to improve with elite teams harnessing technology to train smarter, analysing every inch of an athlete’s physical performance and training. Triathlon as a sport is rich in physical data. However, the area most difficult to measure is the human element of performance.

British Triathlon, the governing body of Triathlon in the UK and organisation behind the Olympic and Paralympic GB team, has an ambition to have the best prepared athletes on the start line at races and competitions. The next frontier for making small, but vital gains above competitors is understanding the impact of cognitive state on performance and analysing its impact on individual athletes.

"Triathlon as a sport is heavily rich in data. Often the bit that doesn’t necessarily always get measured is the human element of it".

— Ian Pyper, Head of Performance Science Services, British Triathlon

Strategy and solution

Integrating cutting edge technologies to analyse performance

Working alongside British Triathlon, Accenture took a Design Thinking approach with triathletes and coaches to better understand the challenge, focussing on their needs and pain points. Using prototypes to explore potential models, the team created the Athlete Genome; a hyper-personalised solution that allows athletes and their coaches to make informed decisions about their training.

The Athlete Genome is a cloud-based software that uses Artificial Intelligence to bring together performance and cognitive data, by integrating technologies including machine learning, AWS cloud, wearables and performance data from Training Peaks.

Athletes who use the Athlete Genome reflect on their experience after training sessions. The AI module evaluates their reflection, analysing their sentiments to reveal trends and intersecting these with physical data such as Training Stress Score, which indicates how hard an athlete has worked.


A hyper-personalised performance tool for athletes and coaches

The Athlete Genome is an industry-first. The solution, a platform which integrates performance data with psychological data, creates a hyper-personalised view of the impact of cognitive state on performance, and gives British Triathlon’s athletes and coaches the ability to make meaningful decisions about their training.

The potential for this innovation is significant. In the future we can strive to improve individual, team and company performance through the integration of cognitive and conventional data.

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