September 07, 2016
By: Thomas Staley

In my first blog post I talked about myself and my background, including my excitement at the prospect of rejoining Accenture after my Industrial Placement. In this post I wanted to provide an overview of the onboarding process and the initial training that you are provided with.

Starting a new job can certainly be a nerve-wracking experience. I suppose I was at an advantage because I had spent time at the firm previously… I did however still harbour a few butterflies… What are the people in my start group going to be like? Will the training be challenging (or boring)? Will the training be applicable to my role?

My best piece of advice would be to relax and be yourself. Everyone is in the same boat, and yes, whilst everyone in the room is intelligent, driven, and looking to craft a successful career; they are also recent graduates, such as yourself, and therefore still reminiscing over late nights in the Student Union.

Prior to day one, you will receive a number of communications welcoming you to the firm and requesting information from you in relation to your interests and experiences. This information is used to feed into various exercises that take place over the first few days.

Be warned, there is a lot to take on board during your first few days at Accenture – but you should always expect to be challenged whilst at this firm so I think it’s good that you are pushed out of your comfort zone from the outset…

As a brief insight, there were lots of group based activities; with an emphasis on collaboration and wider team participation in order to reach a shared objective. One real positive is that you are given a lot of exposure to senior management who share their views and provide guidance on how to take the most from your time at Accenture. One thing that is particularly emphasised early on during your career is the importance of relationships whilst at the firm, and it is therefore great that you are introduced to people who have crafted long and successful careers at the firm.

What made the onboarding experience particularly valuable for me was the opportunity to put whatever we learnt into practice. Whatever the session or content, there was the opportunity to present back and explain our reasoning; encouraging us to always be prepared to provide a justification for our solution.

After onboarding I was certainly left with a positive impression of Accenture and I was firm in my belief that I had made a good decision in accepting my graduate offer. And at this point I hadn’t even made it to Chicago… But more on this in my next post…

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