Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & diversity

Diversity and a strong, applied culture of inclusion are the key to success. They ignite our innovative strength and creativity.

Diversity = innovation

To be successful as a company requires a distinct culture of innovation. Our research shows that diversity among employees and a culture of equality are among the most important drivers of innovation in business. Different perspectives, experiences, world views and skills are needed to find new approaches and be able to respond to changes in the economy and society.

This is why we promote diversity in every form. It is an applied culture and the key to corporate success. But it can only be successful if it is accompanied by equality and inclusion. We value a trusting, open and inclusive work environment and treat each other with respect. All employees are encouraged to contribute and to be themselves.

The many dimensions of diversity

Accenture brings together a wide variety of people. We create a working environment that is vibrant and diverse and respects everyone's unique abilities and cultures.

Gender equality

Gender equality is essential for a high-performance and innovation-oriented organisation.

People with disabilities

We embrace the diversity of each individual and see the potential and enrichment this holds for us as a company.


We live a corporate culture of equality, in which everyone has the right to be their true authentic self.

What does diversity actually look like?

Inclusion Starts With I | Accenture

The importance of an inclusive work environment

Getting to equal: When she rises, we all rise

We live diversity and equality

Diversity is the for change. It makes us strong and is the driving power behind our innovation force. This is what we experience every day.

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National and international awards confirm that we are on the right track with our approach.

Learn how we infuse inclusion, diversity and sustainability into our procurement practices.

Our accomplishments in diversity and innovation is being acknowledged.

Learn how we use innovations to enhance the way of we work and live.

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