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Empowering the public sector to transform through innovative technologies and agile capabilities.

Lead with impact

Now more than ever, the public sector must balance stability with speed to meet citizens’ needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to deliver on their missions.

We bring together people and technology to transform bold visions into meaningful action. Enabling you to leverage your resources to support pragmatic solutions, scale technologies at speed, and build personalised and frictionless experiences that increase trust in government.

By unleashing innovative potential across your organisation, we’ll help deliver tangible value for your constituents. Rethinking approaches and retooling services in record time to drive unparalleled outcomes. Helping you balance the global with the local, and the community with the individual, to affect real change.

Lead with impact to make the most of every opportunity.

Public service for a new era

Public service organisations stood up new policies and service delivery models at an astounding pace to respond to COVID-19 crisis. Now it’s time to capitalise on what’s been achieved.


Case studies

Working with West Midlands Police and AWS to transform operations for the police force with data driven insights.

Meeting the needs of the Manchester Metropolitan University HR department with Robotic Process Automation.

Partnering with The British Army to tackle deep Army stereotypes and transform recruitment.

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Delivering social value

How we think about impact is important. It needs to be inclusive and it needs to be about success for our clients, our people, the UK and the world as a whole.

Achieving this goal will mean combining human ingenuity and the power of technology in innovative ways to build solutions that create social value. We strive every day to deliver this impact. Not as a separate agenda, but as part of business as usual.

These are the stories of how we have been doing it in the UK.

How we’re delivering on our commitments to our people, UK communities and the planet.

What we think

With events of 2020 upending so much, Fjord looks at how people can solve challenges on their own terms.

As the public sector embraces cloud, how can leaders achieve scale, speed, savings, and security?

Moving to the cloud reveals untapped opportunities, but how can leaders ensure their journey is safe?

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