Pride at Accenture

We are committed to ensuring an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Be your authentic self

Ensuring an inclusive environment around the world is a key part of our belief that equality drives innovation.

Our focus includes:

  • Professional development
  • Inclusive policies
  • Recruitment, promotion and retention guidelines
  • Equal benefits, including insurance coverage for gender affirmation surgery in certain countries
  • Employee resource groups in 45 countries; and
  • A global Ally program with more than 118,000 members and growing

Equality is non-negotiable

We are committed to an equal workplace. One that inspires authenticity at work for all our people—including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Our YouTube channel

See more videos of our Pride celebrations and Pridespectives profiles.

The partnership for global LGBTI equality

We proudly stand with our partners to operationalize the UN LGBTI Standards and accelerate workplace inclusion globally.

The lack of visible LGBT+ Women in the workplace

Megan Cross, UK Pride Network co-lead, raises the question of why there aren’t more visible LGBT+ women leaders in the workforce.

I am visible

Our transgender employees share who they are.

50 years of Pride

See how we are celebrating 50 years of progress.

The partnership for global LGBTI equality

How companies can implement the UN standards of conduct.

What Does Pride Mean

Our people share what Pride means.

Getting to equal 2019

Accenture research shows that a culture of equality—the same kind of workplace environment that helps everyone advance to higher positions—is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth for the LGBT community.



of LGBT employees want to be innovative


higher innovation mindset for LGBT employees in the most-equal cultures than in the least-equal ones


greater innovation mindset for LGBT employees in the most-equal and diverse cultures

Get to know our people

Hear from our people on the importance of living authentically and learn more about our commitment to creating a culture of equality for all.

Cortland Russell

Our Cortland Russell, strategic programs and operations manager, highlights how being respected for who he is has been a differentiator in his career. Read more.

Riley Poldek

Our Riley Poldek, associate manager – information security assessment, shares her story of celebrating success as a transgender woman at Accenture. Read more.

James Jurgensen

Our James Jurgensen, consulting analyst, describes the importance of living openly and authentically. Read more.

Anna Maria Antoniazza

Our Anna Maria Antoniazza, legal & commerce executive, discusses why you should never be afraid to be yourself. Read more.

Natali Santana

Our Natali Santana, test engineering new associate, tells her story of how her life changed when she discovered Accenture in the Future. Read more.

Mark Taveros

Our Mark Taveros, application development specialist, shares his coming out story of acceptance. Read more.

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Awards and recognition

Year after year, Accenture is recognized worldwide not only for business performance but also for inclusion and diversity.

Received a perfect score on

Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index

13 consecutive years

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