What is Cloud computing?

Understanding the cloud and what it can do for you

What It Is

Cloud is a technology platform that enables organizations to tap on-demand public, private or hybrid computing capabilities via virtual hardware, software and services.

Why It Matters

Cloud adoption is accelerating across regions and industries. Businesses are finding that the sooner they adopt cloud, the more agile they are in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Where It's Going

The future of cloud is becoming increasingly important to the way businesses operate. Cloud must be the basis for an environment that encourages fast innovation and operational excellence.

Cloud Strategy

Think strategically about desired business outcomes, investment priorities, deployment models, service providers, talent sourcing and cloud policies.

Is it time to reboot your cloud strategy?

Companies must get bolder with their cloud strategy—going beyond the tactical to think more comprehensively.

Cloud empowers a workplace to battle cancer

Moving to a new headquarters gave Cancer Research UK the opportunity to modernize its workplace and future-proof the way its people worked.

Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud by following an approach that includes readiness assessments, migration templates and industrialized migration factories.

Cloud native: A new wave of digital disruption

Cloud native is the future of application development, with massive potential for positive business impact.

Del Monte Foods is growing with cloud

Del Monte Foods, Inc. transforms its IT infrastructure and transitions to public cloud.

Cloud Management

Create a holistic management and governance approach to manage multiple cloud environments, providers, tools and services.

What can cloud do for partnerships?

In order to form strong partnerships, businesses need infrastructure and applications that can “talk” to each other.

IDC vendor spotlight: Cloud professional services

The report sheds light on cloud trends and benefits from an analyst perspective, and shares how Accenture can help unleash business value from cloud.

Driving innovation and better customer experiences with cloud

Accenture helped Mercedes-Benz.io transform their non-integrated legacy technology into a consolidated cloud-based solution.

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