Sustainable strategies fuel purpose and prosperity

Today’s markets are rocked by new structural forces: changing consumer attitudes toward responsible brands, organizational shifts to renewable energy and continual innovation in circular business models. Now is the time to act.

Organizations must be purposeful, defining ethical standards and operating across a responsible supply chain that minimizes the consequences of a complex global system. We'll help you integrate sustainability into your strategy, operating model, processes and technologies to answer a new competitive imperative: to drive sustainable value in the digital age.

Learn about circularity—a transformative model that creates competitiveness and sustainable prosperity.

How businesses are rising to the challenge

Successful companies are creating sustainable value by focusing on three interdependent priorities: designing new business models around growth and customers, reducing costs and enhancing profitability, and building and maintaining trust.

Growth and customers

How can you drive growth through sustainability? By reinventing business models or creating new ones to build the trust and transparency consumers want.


Sustainable approaches can help you develop a more agile operating model, eliminating nonworking spend and reallocating resources for growth.


Digital speed and transparency are driving a new agenda beyond compliance and risk, enabling responsible supply chains, ethics and societal impact.

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Looking forward

The circular economy could unlock $4.5 trillion of growth by 2030. Breaking with today’s "take, make, waste" business models creates a swift path to innovation, growth and competitiveness.

Peter Lacy

Senior Managing Director – European Strategy Lead & Global Sustainability Lead

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Accenture publication examines circular economy opportunities

Our research outlines the Circular Economy to be an opportunity worth $4.5 trillion, with recycling & ‘discarded materials’ re-viewed as a resource rather than waste, via Recycling Today.

Time for businesses to put words into actions for a sustainable future

There has been lots of talk from business on doing good and on purpose but what’s critically important is action now, says Accenture Strategy's Peter Lacy via The Telegraph.

What 1,000 CEOs really think about climate change and inequality

The good, the bad and the surprising from a new report.

How to turn sustainability into a winning strategy—a trojan horse approach

As a recent global CEO study by the United Nations Global Compact and Accenture Strategy shows, business contributions to the SDGs are far from being on track.

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As part of its mission, Accenture is elevating the role of sustainability within our company and among our clients. Our Strategy team is a talented collection of thinkers and doers working to change the way the world works and lives.

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