Make a wise security Pivot

India is fast on its way to becoming the largest digital economy worldwide. With digital having the potential to unlock economic value worth US$1 trillion in India by 2025, the economy’s looking at a bright future. While the facts paint a rosy picture, companies can’t turn their back on cybercrime – the digital age evil that’s rearing its ugly head and swallowing businesses whole. In fact, India was the second-most cyberattack-affected country between 2016 and 2018. Companies’ inadequate cybersecurity budgets, dearth of cybersecurity professionals, lack of relevant capabilities and limited awareness of cyber laws are only adding fuel to the fire. The question is, how can businesses outsmart cyber attackers who are increasingly becoming smarter? Read the article to find out how Indian companies can adopt a risk-based prioritization approach to build digital trust, secure brand value and be future-ready in the face of growing cyberwars.



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