Corporate Citizenship in India

Discover how we apply our understanding of technology and its impact to create a more inclusive society in India offering opportunities to more people.

Our commitment

Reskilling India’s marginalized workers

Solving India’s skilling puzzle

Meals for migrant families

Accenture is supporting Akshaya Patra Foundation in providing healthy cooked meals to the pandemic affected, displaced migrant families, daily wage laborers and the vulnerable populations. While employees have been generously contributing to the cause through an internal ‘Making a Difference’ platform,’ the company is equally matching the donations.  Akshaya Patra’s relief service ensures meal or packed grocery kits to the marginalised and low-income segment of the society comprising daily wage workers, migrant labourers, construction site workers, and needy people at old age homes and night shelters.

Accenture in India has also partnered with Sambhav Foundation, which is working through State Construction Boards to distribute ration kits to the families of daily wage workers in Karnataka.

Supporting covid-19 frontline workers

Accenture is working with Oxfam India to extend support to frontline health care workers, humanitarian staff and caregivers by equipping them with safety kits (protective gear and hygiene essentials) and training. In addition to this, relief measures are underway particularly targeting communities and people in need through distribution of protective masks, hand wash, portable hand wash stations in locations where essential services are rendered, monetary support as well as supply of essential food items to vulnerable families. Further awareness sessions have been initiated through digital channels, mobile vans as well as through local media.

Accenture has also partnered with Charities Aid Foundation to provide preventive kits to the frontline sanitation workers in Gurgaon and Delhi.

Helping underprivileged continue learning

Amid the lockdown, Accenture and Quest Alliance will address the need for youth to maintain their cadence of continuous learning by providing them access to digital learning content on 21st century skills. Youth, especially the underprivileged who has been relying on a blended learning model, facilitated at vocational training centres can now access the Quest App, an interactive mobile application with over 75+ hours of digital content around Communicative English, Digital Literacy, Customer Interaction and Work Readiness. Learning the 21st century skills will not only help learners become more confident but also ensure they are able to adapt to the rapidly changing world and get future ready.

Users can download the Mobile App from the Google Playstore or via desktop computers (Quest App) and start learning from the library of courses available. 

COVID 19: Outmaneuver uncertainty

Skills to succeed in India

Through Skills to Succeed we are addressing—at scale—the global need for skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity. To date, with our strategic partners, we have equipped more than 690,000 people in India with the skills to get a job or build a business.

Since 2010, our "Skills to Succeed" initiative in India is empowering youth and women from economically weaker sections and persons with disabilities by equipping them with skills needed for high-demand job sectors. The rapid pace and scale of technological changes are disrupting labor markets and fundamentally altering the future of work. It is with these challenges in mind that we are strategizing our Corporate Citizenship efforts–Inclusion in the Digital Economy.

Over 314,000 women impacted through our Skills to Succeed initiatives.

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Stories of impact


Were provided critical employment skills using a blended-learning curriculum.


Were helped in India to develop their skills to start a business or secure employment—of which, 32,000 grew their income.


Women along with Maya Health were trained to serve as Health Navigators. They use a tablet-based application that captures vital health information and provides digital health services to 1,000+ families.



    Corporate Citizenship Report


    The post-digital era and rapid pace of innovation are bringing economic and social uncertainties, which are changing the very definition of responsible business. In this new paradigm, organizations must take a leadership role in creating a positive impact on the society, at scale.

    At Accenture, our vision is to improve the way the world works and lives. To achieve this vision, we are combining the passion and commitment of our people, our leadership in technology, and a diverse ecosystem of partners to drive innovation and programs that address issues that matter.

    I invite you to join us in this journey as stewards of an increasingly connected world. Let us commit to our collective vision of improving lives across the country now and in the future.

    Together, we are building skills, bridging employment gaps, advancing client sustainability and accelerating equality in the workforce.

    Rekha M. Menon
    Chairman and Senior Managing Director
    Accenture in India

    Shaping Responsible Business
    Innovating for Socity

    Discover how we are leveraging technology to help people across India

    With the passion of our people, our technology expertise and a broad ecosystem of partners, we develop and scale innovations and programs that help address society’s pressing problems. Nearly a decade ago, we took a defining step in our corporate citizenship journey. We launched our Skills to Succeed initiative to focus Accenture’s expertise in growing talent to address the global need to close skills gaps and prepare individuals to get a job or build a business. This set a meaningful precedent for our company and for our people—a commitment to taking the best of Accenture and applying it in a concentrated, strategic way to address complex social issues.

    Today, our focus on innovating for society has grown well beyond what we envisioned when we launched Skills to Succeed.


    We continue to explore new horizons with our clients and partners to equip more than 3 million people globally by FY20 with the skills to get a job or build a business.


    By the end of FY20, Accenture, together with its strategic partners, will equip more than 3 million people globally with the skills to get a job or build a business; enable their successful transition to employment; and create large-scale, lasting solutions aimed at closing global employment gaps. Since 2010, our Skills to Succeed initiative in India has been empowering youth and women from economically weaker sections and persons with disabilities by equipping them with skills needed for high-demand job sectors. The rapid pace and scale of technological changes are disrupting labor markets and fundamentally altering the future of work. It is with these challenges in mind that we are strategizing our Corporate Citizenship efforts—Inclusion in the Digital Economy.

    We are using the power of NEW technologies such as AI, blockchain and extended reality to address a variety of complex societal challenges in areas including health, human rights, inclusion and environmental sustainability.

    We are applying the NEW in “Skills to Succeed” through our three-pronged approach–Digital Delivery, Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency that is transforming the lives of millions of people.



    people with Skills to Succeed in India



    people to get jobs or start an enterprise





    We partner with non-profit organizations to bring to life our three-pronged approach—Digital Delivery, Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency—to extend employability skills training to youth in high-demand sectors, helping them secure jobs. The curriculum focuses on foundational life skills such as growth mindset, tech know-how to thrive in an ever-changing digital economy.


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    In addition, we have partnered with NGOs that are targeted toward skill development of persons with disabilities:


    We partner with non-profit organizations to train women in semi-urban and rural areas to acquire micro entrepreneurial skills to start a new business or grow their existing businesses. Business skills, financial literacy, marketing and digital skills are some of the key modules under this program.

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    A new vertical of supporting social enterprises that deliver large-scale social impact has been added to our portfolio. We are incubating three new social enterprises with Villgro focused on digital livelihood platforms.


    A diverse collective of innovators, making a difference in the world.

    At Accenture, we have always believed that a responsible approach to business is fundamental to success, protecting our people, our company and our clients, while differentiating us in the marketplace. The size and scale of our business gives us the opportunity to help shape business practices and society for the better, whether by creating innovative solutions with our clients or by working alongside our partners to support the communities in which we live and work.

    Our people regularly give back to the community and we facilitate in optimizing their contribution through various channels.

    Technology that makes millions smile

    Our Technology for Good Program leverages emerging digital technology to create unprecedented opportunities to shape the future of work and solve some of the complex problems in society. Through the Technology for Good innovation ecosystem, businesses can now amplify their mission and their profits by leveraging the collective intelligence of regulators, academics, innovators and society.

    We address the needs of society with differentiated go-to-market strategies powered by digital technologies and collaborative partnerships.

    Key Solutions





    Discover how we practice and promote responsible business around the globe

    Our People Advancing Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Environment

    We have forged partnerships with local PRIDE networks. With a local lead who acts as the driving force behind the program, our community of LGBT allies has grown significantly. We prioritize accessibility for all, and over the past two years, we increasingly focused on the needs of our persons with disabilities.

Creating a responsible culture

Ethics supported by technology

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Equality+culture= innovation

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Innovate with us

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Accenture CSR policy

Our CSR policies ensure that we leverage our expertise and capabilities to drive impact-oriented outcomes for the communities where we work, play and live. Our goal: To adhere to the highest standards in ethical behavior, environmental sustainability and data security in our business activities.

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