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Helping our clients make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives through New Science, novel medical technologies and better collaboration.

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September 8th 2022 @ 11:00 AM ET [Webinar]

Creating Moderna’s lab continuum with AWS

New Science. Transformative patient outcomes.

New Science, the growth engine for the biopharma industry, is a dynamic combination of the best in science and novel technology… that’s filling unmet needs with more precise and effective treatments.  But personalized treatments cost more, contribute to health equity gaps, price scrutiny and pressure from the public sector. Biopharma is at a crossroads. How can the industry lead amidst this change? Watch our latest video to learn how biopharma companies can deliver transformative patient outcomes in more accessible, affordable ways.

America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2022

Accenture | 5 stars from Forbes in life sciences.

Setting a new pace of change

A new economic environment is demanding change in biopharma. Rising costs of New Science and patient care coupled with a slow embrace of technology has the industry at an inflection point where companies must do the impossible:

Produce and deliver more effective, affordable, personalized treatments—all while adapting to new ways of working at crisis pace.

All the while, technology giants are looking to replace industry incumbents. Add in a growing health equity gap accelerated by social injustice and mid-pandemic uncertainty – biopharma companies need new solutions to navigate all of this.

The answer? Novel technology—the same technology used by those giants looking to breakthrough—coupled with New Science, human ingenuity and an unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes.


What’s new in Life Sciences

New Science and cold chain 

Cold chain capabilities need to grow with therapeutic innovations to satisfy patient demand. But how can they mature and scale at speed?

Accelerating the culture cure

CGT is advancing rapidly to fight cancer, neurogenerative and other diseases, but talent shortages and capability gaps threaten progress.

The "new" rules of healthcare provider engagement

Global survey of 720 healthcare providers on their evolving needs due to COVID-19 and how pharmaceutical companies can best engage with them.

Billions to millions: Improving R&D productivity

Accenture research details how to improve R&D productivity in order to innovate faster and bring down new treatment costs from billions to millions.

Driving digital in biopharma [podcast series]

Experts discuss biopharma’s digital transformation

How we can help

We help our clients make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives by combining New Science and human ingenuity with leading-edge technology. Our pharmaceutical and biotech consulting services in the life sciences industry are powered by deep industry experience and backed by a global presence.


Life sciences professionals in 50+ countries.

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Helping 90% of Fortune 500 life sciences companies deliver improved outcomes for more than two decades.

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What we think

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Sparking a revolution in how we work in biopharma

Case studies

With the pandemic, a game-changing new supply chain network was needed for lightspeed delivery and safe handling of a unique new cold chain drug.

Novartis uses a multi-cloud data analytics platform to optimize operations and accelerate innovation.

Accenture’s INTIENT Clinical helps global biopharmaceutical company get life-saving drugs through clinical trial...

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Life Sciences blog

Life Sciences consultants weigh in on how pharma, biotech, medtech and consumer health companies can improve patient outcomes.

How to boost healthcare access and equity for all

Our Natasha Sunderji discusses how actions at the government policy level will be required to achieve equity healthcare for everyone.

Is trust the key success factor for decentralized clinical trials?

Four ways to successfully enable trust in decentralized clinical trials to increase participation, improve results and secure data.

Pharma-tech partner growth: Are you missing out?

We talk about the common pitfalls pharma companies can avoid when engaging in pharma-tech partnerships and imperatives for success.

Creating value through people with cloud in life sciences

Change enablement professionals are turning to human-centric transformations to create a better work culture with cloud. Learn more. 

Digital thread + SAP: A fresh approach to biopharma product management

Digital Thread for Life Sciences (DTLS) is a powerful combination of product, process and quality data. Learn how.

Delivering an improved customer experience with AI

Across many industries, companies using AI in marketing and CX are simply outperforming those that don’t.

The E suite of Ecosystems: E for efficiencies

Accenture discusses how INTIENT ecosystem provides life sciences companies access synthetic control arm data, enabling adoption of a new R&D model.

Awards & recognition

Our Life Sciences solutions are helping businesses deliver exceptional patient experiences. Discover how our awards distinguish us as an industry leader.

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Accenture helping Astellas Pharma create next-generation cloud-based IT core platform for advanced real-time decision making

New platform supports sustainable and innovative medical solutions through centralized data visualization across global operations.

Accenture and Organon team up to drive digital transformation for better patient and employee experiences

Accenture has been selected by Organon to help establish and manage the transformation of the company’s ERP technology into a cloud-based digital core.

Medable named Life Sciences Innovation Champion

Medable was named Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge – Life Sciences Innovation Champion, providing an integrated clinical trial patient experience.

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