Brands: it’s time to know your new consumer

Consumer attitudes are changing at an accelerating pace, and brands need to understand this as a matter of urgency. It’s time to think about them as people, not simply consumers. This demands an ever-greater focus on innovation, brand purpose and sustainability. It also means embracing transformation by getting these things right:

  • Fueling growth through new business models
  • Understanding consumer needs and values
  • Delivering end-to-end consumer and customer experiences
  • Powering the organization with data
  • Aligning resources with new business models
  • Creating agile supply chain and manufacturing operations

Delivering on all these imperatives is an exciting challenge, and Accenture is ready to help, as you begin to re-imagine your consumer and customer relationships.

Accenture CG&S - The “era of the Consumer” is here

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Assess the health of your consumer relationships.

How we help

Working with Accenture means working with a cross-functional team of experts to help drive value, transform, innovate and grow your consumer goods and services business at scale and pace.

Drive growth, innovation and new business models

Identify new business growth opportunities and improve performance through CPG innovation in products, services, processes and agile business models.

Create E2E consumer and customer experiences

Creating unified consumer and customer brand experiences across all channels, enabled by a digitally integrated organization.

Harness enterprise operations to fuel growth

Unlock trapped value with intelligent operations. Create corporate agility and drive business growth with intelligent operating models.

Transform into a data-led insights company

Blend human + machine in new ways to harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, powered by cloud, adopted at scale.

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Social commerce: A people powered retail revolution

$1.2 trillion opportunity

Social commerce is growing ~3x faster than traditional ecommerce. See implications for CPGs.

Sustainability will reinvent Consumer Goods

Time is running out to win the battle against climate change. We no longer have the luxury of standing still. We must reduce carbon emissions to protect our planet from further damage.

As unveiled at COP26, Accenture and The Consumer Goods Forum, with support from the United Nations, are working together to urge large CPG and Retail companies to commit to half their carbon emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. Joining the Race to Zero, means joining some of the largest CPG and Retail brands in the world in tackling the climate crisis.

Consumer Goods and Retail have the power to reinvent and build resilient businesses with a positive commitment to our environment—sustainability is a pathway to driving growth that is better for brands and the planet. Technology, innovation and working collaboratively will be key to achieving these goals.

Turning good intentions into great outcomes is vital, but time is running out. Let’s make this the decade to deliver.

Let's make this the decade to deliver

COP26 – Accenture Consumer Goods – Race to Zero

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Accenture Consumer Goods and Service consulting offers a full range of services that help identify new business growth opportunities, drive consumer goods innovation, technology transformation and personalized customer experiences.

Growth and innovation

Identify new category growth opportunities, create new business models and drive innovation — all enabled through a broad ecosystem of partners.

Brand experience

Create a unified brand experience that is purpose-led, locally relevant and cost effective on a global scale, activated by data-driven intelligence.

Digital commerce

Transform the architecture and operations to cost effectively manage digital commerce experiences and optimize ROI with data-driven intelligence.

Data and analytics

The promise of 5G-led growth is on the horizon. We are a leader in helping companies move to 5G and maximize its potential.

Supply chain and manufacturing

Reduce cost to serve, improve speed to market, create custom products and services to boost market responsiveness, profitability & inventory accuracy.

Workforce transformation

Design the future employee experience and well-being in hybrid work, anticipate new skills and drive workforce culture and learning from the top.

Enterprise transformation

Turn your business functions into strategic growth enablers through real-time data analytics to improve business value and investment decisions.

Intelligent business services

Create new capabilities that keep pace with change and increase speed to market; replace Global Business Services with scalable Intelligent Services.

Intelligent operating models

Design and activate operating models that drive business growth, increase agility and foster an inclusive and diverse culture.

Technology transformation

Build future technology landscapes and deliver transformations designed for experience, led by data and enabled by digital.

Cost management

Leverage real-time, data-led insights to understand costs and continually reallocate funds to priority growth areas and strategic investments.

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Five ways we’re thinking differently about food

Where we serve


Discover how we are working across the food value chain (seeds, farming and processing) to drive innovation and growth for our agri clients.

Alcoholic beverages

We’re helping companies that produce, market and/or distribute alcohol get closer to the consumer and improve the customer experience.


Check out how we are transforming the beauty customer experience and enabling clients to discover new areas of opportunity fueled by data.


We’re helping food companies pivot to consumers' evolving needs for quick, healthy, socially responsible products that elevate experiences.

Home and personal care

From personal care and hygiene to home care products and appliances, we help clients adapt to a new reality, driven by evolving consumer lifestyles.

No-low alcoholic beverages

We transform beverage companies by driving product innovation and differentiated experiences, from water and coffee, to energy and hard seltzers.

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Case studies

Japanese brewery, Asahi, shifts to an efficient manufacturing execution system (MES).

Accenture co-created an AI-based, "Human + Machine" toolset with P&G to formulate tailored CPG products.

Accenture helps Carlsberg transform into an agile, digital business with cloud.

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Understanding new consumer trends

What we think

Meet the team

Shopping on social media platforms expected to reach $1.2 trillion globally by 2025, new Accenture study finds

Accenture found that the $492 billion social commerce industry is expected to grow three times as fast as traditional ecommerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025.

Britannia collaborates with Accenture to accelerate its digital transformation

Accenture helps Britannia Industries Ltd., India’s largest bakery foods company, accelerate innovation through a holistic digital transformation program.

Accenture and Shiseido establish joint venture to accelerate Shiseido’s digital transformation

The joint venture, called Shiseido Interactive Beauty, will include approximately 250 digital, information technology and other skilled resources from both Shiseido and Accenture.

COVID-19 has sparked a new wave of innovation across consumer industries, according to Accenture research

After a year of lockdowns, 95% of Accenture’s survey respondents said they made at least one change to their lifestyle that they expect will be permanent.

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