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Accelerating equality with Vaahini

A decade of Vaahini


Working to accelerate gender equality

With the world at this critical juncture, our commitment to making a positive difference together has never been stronger.

Women empowerment


When she rises, we all rise

Meet our change-makers

Deepti Kaur

Senior Manager - Capability Network, Accenture in India

Keep yourself involved and nurture your passion like it’s your own baby.

Vandana Pancham

Management Consulting Manager, Accenture Strategy & Consulting

Mouparna Samanta

Technology Solution Planning Manager



Opinions that matter

Get fresh views and valuable advice from trailblazers to pack a punch—on the field and off it.

New perspectives and learnings

Women AI leaders on what the future holds

India tops in terms of gender inclusion parameter in the AI ecosystem. Read...

Supporting neuro-diverse colleagues at work

Learn how you can work and help the neuro-diverse colleagues at workplace.

5 Women Pioneers On Vaahini Who Brought Us Courage #DecadeOfVaahini

Accenture shares five women pioneers on Vaahini who have inspired us and provided...

3 emerging roles driven by the 5G revolution

The official rollout of 5G in India is bringing along a stir of innovations, projects and job opportunities.

4 Entrepreneur Mantras To Own Your Work

Subha Chandrasekaran of Rainkraft Creative Solutions shares entrepreneurial skills...

Trust Is A Two-Way Street

Learn how you can work and help the neuro-diverse colleagues at workplace.

Help teams overcome 'Caregiver stress’

Accenture shares how leaders, managers, and colleagues render support to those impacted by...

The 7 Step Framework To Adopt Digital At Work

Nitin Seth's book 'Winning In The Digital Age' takes you through effective steps to adopt and...

Create Your Unique Success Formula, With Coaching

Rachel Gojer, Leadership and Team Coach shares important points to help women move...

5 Books At Vaahini That Inspired Us #DecadeOf Vaahini

From work-life lessons from memoirs of successful women to learning how to deal with...

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