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Join the Vaahini Network, a networking forum for women professionals, enabled by Accenture to further enrich you with varied perspectives that it offers.

Accenture Vaahini is a pioneering network working toward women’s inclusion in the workforce and women in leadership. This forum offers talented women professionals in India—like YOU—an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and empower themselves and others. Get inspired by real-life stories, join pulsating discussions, exchange path-breaking ideas, explore career options, connect with Accenture leadership and more.

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Aditi Kulkarni shares her career journey to Intelligent Automation leader. Her advice to women—embrace constant learning to keep growing.

From finding a mentor to building a career development plan—tips to help women break barriers, enter the boardroom and never look back.

When companies engage the millennial workforce by investing in their skills and professional growth, everyone wins.

In her book, Sallie Krawcheck inspires women to invest in their innate strengths, and bring them proudly and unapologetically to work.

How can companies drive a strong sensitization agenda—make employees more aware of and sensitized toward the LGBTQ+ community.

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