When she rises, we all rise

Join the Vaahini Network, a networking forum for women professionals, enabled by Accenture to further enrich you with varied perspectives that it offers.

Accenture Vaahini is a pioneering network working toward women’s inclusion in the workforce and women in leadership. This forum offers talented women professionals in India—like YOU—an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and empower themselves and others. Get inspired by real-life stories, join pulsating discussions, exchange path-breaking ideas, explore career options, connect with Accenture leadership and more.

In the spotlight

Sirat Kanwar talks to us about her career, top achievements and challenges women face in the aviation industry.

Meet Navya Prasad, one of our newest career rebooters. She talks about her journey to rediscovering herself and her solid career comeback.

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Powering through

Burnout is a culmination of prolonged periods of overwork and elevated stress levels. Look out for these signs in your team and take action.

Follow these steps to gain cross-functional experience that’ll broaden your horizons and bring you closer to the boardroom.

Rejoining a job can be challenging, but preparedness and planning can certainly make the journey smooth and successful.

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Learning digest

The future of your career depends on adopting a conscious learning mindset and becoming a lifelong learner.

A TED talk by Chris Bailey explains how we can improve our attention span and be more productive.

This book by Sarah Harvey will help you pick up new healthy habits by taking small incremental steps.

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What we think

More useful articles

Priya Parker, author of the critically-acclaimed book, The Art of Gathering, explains how we can build meaningful human connections while apart.

With everyone talking about “doing more with less”, here are some tools that can help you unleash higher productivity for you and your teams.

In these “never normal” times, work from home has become the new imperative. Here’s how companies can stick to their value of being inclusive.

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Accenture’s commitment to our people and to accelerating equality for all has never been more relevant than it is today – to drive our innovation agenda and act as responsible business leaders.

It enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. And it creates an environment that unleashes innovation, allows our people to perform at their very best and underpins a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to belong and build a career.

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 Embracing mental wellness

Work from home - opportunities and challenges

Working from home - opportunities and challenges

Leadership lesson from Apollo 11 moon landing

50 years after the first moon landing, the world still looks at the mission with awe! Not only was it inspirational then, individuals and businesses derive leadership lessons from it even now! Here are five lessons that we can learn from.


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