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Be without limits with Vaahini

Reach your full potential

Women empowerment

Our commitment to creating a culture where women can shine and reach their full potential is at the core of our success. And we made it happen—by empowering women to be without limits.

Ajay Vij
Country Managing Director – Accenture in India

When she rises, we all rise


Be your best self, be you

Push yourself to see new things, try different experiences and build your best life just like our Vaahini members. Listen in and feel inspired.

Voices of impact

Aparna Agarwal

“Do not heed when someone tells you that it’s Impossible. It just means that no one has tried enough to make it possible. Don’t relax till you achieve your goal.” Read more.

Pallavi Gupta Bhowmick

"Your brilliance has no time for stereotypes. Surround yourself with mentors and allies who’ve got your back. Stay curious, never stop learning and embrace challenges—they’re the fast lane to success." Read more.

Payel Ganguly

"The boundaryless career opportunities to grow, explore different engagements including cross-border projects and steep learning makes Accenture a fabulous place to work!" Read more.

Roopa Gowda

"Believe in the beauty of your dreams. With determination and perseverance, every challenge becomes a stepping stone to greatness. Keep shining!" Read more.

My leadership journey based on simple truths

Soumala Sarkar on developing her leadership style as she navigated a dynamic professional course. Read more.

This is what a life without limits is like

To be without limits is to be unstoppable, like a force of nature. That’s how Sejal Parikh lives it anyway. Read more.

Women Founders Program: Empowering tech trailblazers

Grow your career and rise with the pioneers

Championing women's success in the world of AI

Anitha Nayar shares her profound perspective on excelling in technology as a woman by embracing continuous learning and cultivating resilience in the ever-evolving AI landscape. Read more.

How AI is revolutionizing the fabric of innovation

Harsha Almad on how Artificial Intelligence is at the core of digital development. Read more.

3 emerging roles driven by the 5G revolution

The official rollout of 5G in India is bringing along a stir of innovations, projects and job opportunities. Read more.

Help teams overcome 'Caregiver stress’

Accenture shares how leaders, managers, and colleagues render support to those impacted by caregiver stress. Read more.

Future tech: Cybersecurity

Know how careers in this space are growing, any gaps when it comes to women, and what are the opportunities to look out for. Learn more.

Make leadership ambitions happen

Rise to the leadership table with this agile action plan that can accelerate your growth and success, more so if you work in tech & allied fields. Learn more.

Awards and recognition


Top 10 Avtar & Seramount Best Companies for Women in India 2023

Eight consecutive years


Nasscom AON Women Excellence in Technology


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