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Accenture Business Journal for India — 5th Edition

13 December 2019


In brief

Revitalize your core to thrive in disruption

To thrive in a disruption-fueled world, companies will have to shun old ways of doing business. Accenture’s Wise Pivot strategy can help you reinvent your business, embrace a change-oriented mindset and use disruption to your advantage.

Pivot Wisely

Embrace the power of the Wise Pivot to reinvent your business and rule in a disrupted world.

By Anindya Basu

Technology is business

Putting technology at the heart of business will enable leaders to create transformational value and make a wise pivot to the new.

By Dr. Bhaskar Ghosh

Blending the perfect brew with Industry X.O

How digital transformation made HUL’s vending machines smarter, efficient and faster.

By Rajat Agarwal and
Maneesh Gupta

Resources: Fueling innovation

Energizing oil and gas companies with digital technologies to thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

By Sandeep Dutta
Piyush Patel and
Gaurav Moda

Communications, Media & Technology: Now streaming

Setting OTT players up for success using experiential technologies

By Aditya Chaudhuri and
Matteo Maga
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Financial Services: Embracing the era of intelligent insurance

Harnessing the power of AI and analytics to reinvent insurance in India.

By Rishi Aurora and
Francois Metzlera

Applied Intelligence: All eyes on AI

How to harness the New to capitalize on the Golden Age of AI.

By Saurabh Sahu and
Dr. Athina Kanioura

Digital procurement: An eye on the future

Empowering the rise of Procurement from gatekeeper to strategic enabler.

By Amneet Singh and
Vivek Luthra

Digital supply chain:The mover becomes the shaker

How to get scalable returns from your digital investments.

By Manish Chandra and
Gary Hanifan

Tech for good: A booster dose for women’s health

Emerging Technology: a shot in the arm for improving women’s health outcomes.

By Sanjay Poddar and
Amanda Leacy

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