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Today’s energy consumers live in a digital world where they expect personalized customer experiences.

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Utilities Tech Trends 2022

The Metaverse Continuum

Accenture and Salesforce

Accenture helps transform how utilities harness the power of Salesforce for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Whether they are residential, commercial or large industrial, today’s energy consumers live in a digital world where they expect personalized customer experiences from every interaction.

To deliver on these expectations, energy providers should adopt new ways of thinking and accelerate the pace of change in their businesses and operations. Using the intelligent system capabilities of a platform, the agility of a leading industry-specific cloud company, and the global leader in Salesforce implementations.

New energy consumer: Transition on demand

Our latest New Energy Consumer research draws on the opinions of 500 energy providers across 14 countries. This year we explore what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how are they building the muscle, speed, and agility they need to survive and thrive in a demand-driven world.

Energy providers are at the heart of delivering the energy transition, and their strategic landscape is being transformed as the global effort to reach net-zero gathers pace. At the same time, they are facing a second era-defining dynamic: digital transformation is disrupting markets across the economy, destroying old business models as it creates new ones, and reshaping consumer expectations. Can energy providers survive this period of tumultuous change?

We identified five key areas energy providers need to consider as they strive to become more demand-driven: Purpose, products, platforms, people and partnerships. Learn More.

Our latest research explores what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how they can thrive in a demand-driven world.

A cohesive omnichannel digital customer experience

Acquire and serve customers across all channels

Maximize digital, social, web, mobile and contact center engagement for residential, business and third-party customer interactions across regulated and deregulated markets.

Advance to the next-generation customer service

Create a simplified contact center agent view anchored in collaboration and 360-degree view of the customer, allowing streamlined, low-cost interactions while enabling the delivery of an effortless customer experience.

Empower employees with customer insights

Leverage a single source of the customer relationship across all interactions to increase the value of marketing, sales and service transactions.

Accelerate processes and deliver insights

Put customers at the heart of the energy transition, which will allow teams to offer new connected products and services faster while reducing errors and protecting margins.

Enable the experience across the enterprise

Extend the value of integrated employee experience to non-consumer areas of the Utilities value chain, such as Land Management, New Connections, Economic Development, etc.

Place sustainability at the core

Bring sustainability to the front office to provide leaders with true visibility into their company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

Focus on continuous innovation and support

Harvest the benefits of an evergreen product that rapidly adjusts to changing business needs and evolutions of the Salesforce Platform, coupled with managed technology support services offered by Accenture.

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Accelerate a new era of sustainable business

Accenture + Salesforce sustainability partnership

The powerful combination of Accenture’s Sustainability Services and Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud and Customer 360 bring sustainability to the front office and provide leaders visibility into historical and real-time environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.


From insights to actions

Utilities are facing disruption at unprecedented rates; caused by ongoing regulatory pressure, rapidly advancing technologies and evolving digitally connected customers. With huge volumes of data at their fingertips, how can utilities unlock powerful analytics insights?

Find out how to scale the impact of AI. The art of the possible powered by Accenture, Salesforce and AWS.

Voices of Accenture Utilities

Opportunities for a demand-driven electric decade

Accenture reveals the Electric Decade is not just about ramping up the supply of renewables but also addressing the demand for reliable electricity.

Utilities Industry

Improving the customer experience

Take your customers' experiences to the next level

A 360-degree view of residential and business customers. Together, Accenture and Salesforce help energy providers unlock customer value with speed and scale—while improving business agility and operational efficiencies.

Energy & Utilities Cloud, which is built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform and strengthened by Accenture, accelerates digital transformation, enabling companies to improve their customer experiences and offer new products and services with Salesforce. Find out how Accenture and Salesforce can help. Let’s get started.

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