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EP04: Transforming experiences

The Department for Work and Pensions provides vital services for millions of people across the UK and as the country digitises, it is essential for the department to keep pace. In 2020, the Shared Channels Experience Directorate was established to build a new organisation that could provide seamless user experiences. In this episode of Work That Matters, Sachin Patel talks to Cheryl Stevens, Director of Shared Channels Experience, about the journey of creating this new organisation from scratch, while continuing to innovate and respond to unexpected demands at the same time.

Human Services

From the era of support to the era of empowerment.

EP03: Digital Superhighways

National Highways operates, maintains, and improves the vital arteries that make up England’s national transport system. Increasingly, digital technology is playing a key role in both day-to-day operations and long-term planning of this network, but when Vicky Higgin, Chief Technology Officer at National Highways, joined two years ago the role of the IT team was limited. In this episode of Work That Matters we’ll hear how she has changed perceptions of what digital technology means for the organisation and put it centre stage in delivering better experiences for road users up and down the country.


Value unlocked, design driven, scale achieved.

EP02: Sailor-centric design

Often called the senior service, the Royal Navy is one of the UK’s oldest institutions, but the way it engages its personnel is far from traditional. In this episode of the Work That Matters podcast, Sachin Patel talks to Captain Christopher Skidmore about his work on the MyNavy app, the insight that went into its design and the impact it is having on individuals' lives and the service as a whole.


Transforming through innovative technologies.

EP01: Data Science vs The Pandemic

In early September 2020 the NHS launched its COVID-19 app to the public. Whilst to many this may seem like an extremely simple tool, the story behind its creation is far from simple. Accenture’s Sachin Patel speaks to Mark Briers, previously the lead scientist on the app, about the expertise that went into building it, his personal experiences as a member of this high-profile project and how data science helped save lives.


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