In brief

In brief

  • Digital-native companies are fundamentally transforming every major industry—from retail and energy to media, healthcare and travel.
  • Companies struggle to compete with their aging IT landscape and technologies. They must adapt quickly to convert IT to a strategic business function.
  • New IT helps unlock business value from legacy systems, use new technologies to drive growth, and design and deploy technology in a different way.
  • Learn how Accenture can help you create an innovative, business-aligned IT strategy.

Digital-native companies are transforming every industry. Confronted by disruption, enterprises must adapt quickly by re-imagining IT as a strategic business function.

What is New IT?

New IT leaders align and prioritize their resources with business objectives, to continuously look for opportunities to create new business models, transform experiences and industrialize operations quickly, efficiently and with agility.

Leadership also looks for ways to grow their core business by getting more from their legacy technology. In parallel, cost savings from efficiencies gained allow reinvestment in technologies that add new capabilities and revenues.

They’re positioning themselves to make a wise pivot by optimizing their legacy systems while adopting a digital model that embraces new technologies to drive business value at the timing and pace that makes sense for them.

Get started on the Journey to New IT

New IT is a different way of conceiving, designing and deploying technology across an enterprise. New IT helps unlock unrealized streams of business value by optimizing a company’s current IT estate while simultaneously innovating with a set of new technologies.

New IT purpose

New Models, New Costs & Funding, New Rules & Controls

New operating model

Multi-speed Model, Culture & Talent, Governance, Ecosystem Management

New enterprise architecture

Lean Delivery, API Architecture, Collaborative Organization, Digital, Data & Agile Architecture

New methods & tools

Agile, DevOps, Innovation, Design Thinking

New technology

Cloud, Platform & Ecosystem, Security, Big Data & Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT

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To get started on your journey, Accenture can help:

  1. Define a New IT vision and strategy
  2. Assess your organization’s capabilities and create a digitally decoupled architecture
  3. Find opportunities to reduce costs, increase agility and support new business
  4. Assess your operating model to identify areas of the organization that need to transform
  5. Create a transformation roadmap
  6. Ensure security is embedded everywhere along the journey

With New IT, you apply new rules to manage change at a sustainable pace and timing, striking the right balance between growing the core business while building and scaling the New.

You have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to become a digitally-enabled enterprise with IT as a strategic partner.

Theo Forbath

Managing Director – Technology Advisory Services


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