Businesses benefit from diversity and inclusion

Businesses with a strong commitment to supporting persons with disabilities in their workforce can outperform their competitors, according to our new study in partnership with Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities.

The 45 companies we identified as leaders in this field had an average of 28% higher sales, twice the net income and 30% higher economic profit margins over a four-year period compared to their competitors. Our analysis also showed that US GDP could rise to as much as $25 billion if more people with disabilities entered the workforce.

Raise the bar and your bottom line

Different paths to the same goal

"Sometimes you have to take different paths, but you arrive at the same destination – that's what counts." In our video, Maria shows how she uses this motto to work successfully with disability.

Join our Managing Director Dirk as he meets Maria and learns more about the small daily obstacles she faces and how Accenture is navigating its journey towards accessibility.

For Accenture, inclusion is not just a word, it's part of our culture. For our own benefit and for that of our clients, we look for the best talent – for people like Maria – and disability should present no barrier.

Innovating for our clients

Providing accessibility to technologies that meet the needs of diverse populations presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses. Forward-thinking organisations that take this approach lay the foundation for an inclusive work culture that enables persons with disabilities to thrive.

Read here why companies should more care about an integrative design of their technologies.

The Accessibility Advantage

Breaking down barriers

At Accenture, we are empowering persons with disabilities every day. The videos below show how we are advancing inclusion.

Equipping people with the skills to succeed

Neil Heslop, Leonard Cheshire Disabilities CEO, discusses redefining the limits of disabilities in the workplace. Watch here.

The importance of accessible software design

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Microsoft's Chief Accessibility Officer, talks about designing for accessibility. Watch here.

"We are using artificial intelligence to truly change how person with disabilities navigate the world" - Sanjay Podder

Developing Artificial Intelligence solutions

Sanjay Podder, Managing Director – Accenture Labs in India, discusses AI benefits for persons with disabilities in the workplace. Watch here.

Hiring and supporting persons with disabilities

Flavio Squillacioti, Program Lead – Accenture Sin Barreras, and Ayelen Esposito, Analyst, discuss how to redefine the barriers of disabilities. Watch here.

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