Gender Equality

A culture of equality in the workplace

Our goal at Accenture is to promote equal rights and opportunities for all gender identities across all levels and career paths.
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The strengths of every team member are needed

Businesses can no longer afford to lose qualified talents of all genders on their corporate career paths. Ultimately, a company can only grow and be innovative through diversity. Every organisation has a duty to find ways to retain its employees and to provide the best possible support in helping them recognise and develop their potential, contribute their skills, reconcile their personal and professional goals and achieve them. The equal treatment of all people in an organisation and in society is a crucial prerequisite for each individual to be able to deploy their personality, their strengths and unique abilities to thrive business for our company and to drive innovation. Equality between all gender identities is just one important example of the considerations we also make regarding other aspects of diversity.​

"We are convinced that gender equality is essential for a high-performing and innovation-oriented organization. By 2025, we therefore aim to achieve a gender-balanced workforce that is equally balanced between men and women, while providing an environment that is free of discrimination for those whose gender is not binary."

— Jan Ising, Managing Director & Women Initiative Lead Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia

Staying curious

For Gloria Auma Njagah, lifelong learning is a matter close to her heart – and it's integral to her work at Accenture. Read more.

The diverse world of consultancy

Piotr Fuczka likes to take on new challenges – which makes him the perfect fit for Accenture. Read more.

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Getting to equal

The future lies in a work culture of equality and a workforce in which everyone is equal. We underscore our conviction with bold goals to promote gender equality in a sustainable manner: by 2025, we want to achieve gender parity worldwide. Our current figures show that we have already come a long way. At Accenture, more than 200,000 women around the world contribute to an environment that recognises individuality, respects personal achievement and promotes responsibility.


of our new hires are female


of top management is female


of our supervisory body members are women

What we do for equal opportunities at work

We want to see that one day diversity and equality in the workplace are taken as a given. To this end, we offer all gender identities equally diverse opportunities for development and advancement.

We are flexible

Working from home, part-time work, space for personal interests: together with our employees we create an individually tailored career path.

Connected: growing and improving together

With our Accenture Women's Initiative we have established a strong network both globally and locally.

Learning and developing – every day

Mentoring programmes, career coaching, targeted professional development and much more: we make lifelong learning possible – professionally and personally.

Avoiding unconscious bias

In order to counteract stereotypes and unconscious prejudice, we sensitise HR managers, leaders and our entire workforce in training sessions.

Encouraging more women into STEM careers

We need more diverse talents in the STEM sector. That's why we have female role models in STEM professions, to inspire girls in particular to get interested in the field.

Girls digital

Handling, understanding and shaping digitisation – the aim of our Centre of Excellence is to bring STEM professions and subjects more strongly into the curriculum and foster openness, especially among girls, toward this career option and to break down barriers.

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Equality in the workplace

For over four years, we have been conducting research on diversity and culture in the workplace. Our "Getting to Equal" research series shows how building a culture of equality benefits both employees and businesses.

Getting to Equal 2020

Leaders think their company's workplace culture is inclusive, but that's not what employees say. A new type of leader–the culture maker–helps bridge this gap. Read more.

Getting to Equal 2019

Our latest report clearly demonstrates that an applied culture of equality is a strong multiplier for innovation and growth. Read more.

Getting to Equal 2018

We have identified 40 workplace factors that contribute to a culture of equality – leadership and motivation play an important role. Read more.

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Awards and recognition

We aspire to be the employer of choice for the most innovative talents in the world. That's why we do everything in our power to create tailored conditions for our employees. We are pleased that our efforts are being recognised.


1st place in the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index

Top spot for two consecutive years


1st place in the Women's Career Index

Having been ranked among the top for several years


LinkedIn Top Company 2019

In various countries

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We live gender diversity

Kraftquelle, Kopfsache und Glücklichsein - Traumfänger Vol. IV @Frankfurt

Make Accenture more you

Auf einen Kaffee mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen

Diversity meets Artificial Intelligence - After-Work-Event

Diversity boosts Innovation: International Women´s Day März 2018

We are committed to the goal of creating gender equality in our workforce – not just on paper, but in real life and in full colour. In the videos you can see how we are already living gender diversity today – and the measures and campaigns we use to get closer to our goal, step by step.


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