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Driving B2B growth with AI

As the world continues to become more digital, B2B businesses are using online channels to interact with their customers and connect with new ones. But the move online means more options, data and ultimately, more noise. B2B organizations need to change where they focus and how to convert that data into meaningful actions that will help them grow.

Solutions.AI for B2B Growth helps B2B companies unlock new revenue opportunities across the customer life cycle. It delivers AI-powered customer insights to help businesses quickly and precisely identify their most valuable prospects. It customizes the communications and channel mix for each customer to improve sales and marketing effectiveness. It monitors changes in customer demand and marketplace dynamics to help recommend the most competitive pricing options for every context. And ultimately, it helps anticipate customer needs and recommends new offers to grow their value – and their value to their customers - over time.

 Throughout the entire customer journey, and across touchpoints and channels, we’re using AI to change the way B2B companies grow.

Solutions.AI for B2B Growth Explained

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"Accenture is helping us transform our B2B Seller Acquisition activities in India, Malaysia and Thailand with their AI-driven revenue growth solution."

— Francis Fang, Malaysia/Thailand Regional Manager,

What we deliver

Our industrialized AI solution rapidly generates customer insights to improve sales effectiveness and identify new opportunities for revenue growth.

Integrated view of the customer base

Responsibly build a 360-degree customer profile to understand client attributes and identify real-time opportunities for growth.

Prioritized list of highest-value leads

Improve decision-making with AI-powered smart lists, prioritizing the most valuable leads and optimizing how, when and where to sell.

Industry-specific insights

Identify and consistently refine insights specific to a business, product and industry with proprietary models and methodologies.

New pricing & commercial models

Leverage insights to both optimize current pricing models and develop new commercial strategies that transform your business model altogether. Learn more.

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Our solutions are pre-built for multiple industries including: Software & Platforms, High Tech, Communications, Banking, Insurance, and Health.

The AI impact

Our IP-led, expertly managed solution accelerates enterprise value by delivering both top- and bottom-line benefits, along with enhanced B2C and B2B experiences.


faster target list development


increase in revenue


increase in campaign engagement


higher conversion rate on digital channels

"We’re helping our clients capture the right data and then turn it into valuable signals, intents and insights that they can actually use to drive growth."

— LOUISE BARRERE, Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for B2B Growth

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At a glance

Solutions.AI for B2B Growth

Our capabilities

Our solution uses diverse AI techniques and tools to change how B2B brands understand, attract and grow their customers.

Built-in B2B data universe

Generate insights from over 600 third-party data sets globally and 25M SMB data sets in North America.

AI-sensor catalog

Extract unique signals and intents using 50+ AI-enabled web sensors from "digital breadcrumbs".

Proprietary machine learning models

Predict sales conversions and optimize next best actions using pre-built and customized machine learning algorithms.

Industry-tailored knowledge graphs

Capture collective human knowledge and intelligence into an industry relevant knowledge base for continuous learning and refining.

Automated machine intelligence connectors

Integrate market-ready products into a variety of systems and platforms which in turn guide and automate operational workflows.

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What we think

Accenture highlights how coronavirus (COVID-19) has radically disrupted the B2B sales landscape and what businesses can do to respond.

Set yourself up to scale successfully, time and again.

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Learn how Solutions.AI helps small and medium businesses grow

Our ecosystem partners

We seamlessly integrate with a variety of ecosystem partners and platforms to enable greater flexibility and speed to results.

Our leaders

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Frequently asked questions

AI can be used by B2B organizations to help their customers grow their business. AI helps unlock new revenue opportunities across the customer lifecycle; powers and delivers insights for organizations to identify valuable prospects; customizes communications to improve sales and marketing effectiveness; monitors changes in demand to recommend best pricing; and more.

B2B organizations range from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across multiple industries such as retail, healthcare and professional services.

AI helps B2B organizations across various industries. For software companies, AI solutions can analyze massive amounts of data to find opportunities for growth; it can also provide salespeople with the right insights so sales calls will be more effective. For retail and e-commerce platforms, AI can help attract and build the right network of vendors on the platform. And for chemical manufacturers, AI can help understand what chemicals a client company might need more of to fulfil certain drug orders.

For B2B organizations, customer insights derived from AI help them understand who their business customers are and assess what support is needed to help them grow. Consider a platform organization that works with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Customer insights are valuable in helping sales reps identify the right SMBs to onboard onto their platform, shape the messages that will resonate with those SMBs, understand the specific needs of those SMBs, and nurture the relationship over time.

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