Closing the SMB gap, for good

Accelerating change has created a wealth of challenges for SMBs; rapid digitization and new digital-first experiences have been forced on businesses across the world. And a parallel explosion in the number of new channels, tools and platforms bring further complexities. Despite this continued uncertainty, SMBs and enterprises alike are striving to ‘build back better’; taking the opportunity to reimagine how they work and serve customers, engaging in new ways and places, and building new capabilities.

The success of enterprises and SMBs is intertwined, and both stand to benefit from improved collaboration. But research shows that while 85% of enterprises believe they are effectively supporting their SMB partners, only 40% of SMBs agree. It’s time to invest in new experiences, support and services to close the gap between SMB needs and reality.

Grow SMB

Serve your SMBs better with Grow SMB

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When your SMB partners grow, your enterprise grows
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Grow SMB success

Accenture examines the SMB landscape through a series of thought leadership. Explore our research and uncover insights into the next generation of platform growth.

Get to know the newest generation of SMBs

Five ways enterprises can really understand—and deliver—what the next-gen of digital-savvy and self-funded SMBs need. Read more.

Winning in a small (and medium-sized) world

Three key actions for enterprises to unlock and win SMBs globally, at scale. Read more.

The power to influence

Learn about the trust that SMBs place in their peers, and what it means for enterprises if they play the right role in nurturing SMB-to-SMB networks. Read more.

Tell me all about yourself

A smart approach to segmentation can enable enterprises to build deeper, more trusted sales-generating relationships with SMBs. Read more.

If enterprises build trust, SMBs will spend

Explore why enterprises must build trust with SMBs and the reward for those that get it right. Read more.

Don’t tell me, show me

Learn more about the relationship between enterprises and SMBs, and the importance and opportunities of addressing that perceived gap. Read more.

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Opportunities for the new normal

Platforms are uniquely positioned to help SMBs emerge stronger. As Accenture, we bring the breadth and depth of experience across the SMB and enterprise ecosystem to help strengthen the SMB voice for your business, creating value for everyone.

Understand the SMB

We can help you address the diverse range of needs and challenges of underserved SMBs to build customized experiences and tailored solutions.

Earn SMB trust

Only 51% of SMBs trust that enterprises have their needs in mind. We can guide you in understanding SMBs’ unique priorities to earn invaluable trust.

Build relationships

With a deep understanding of SMB needs, we can support your SMB relationship building to truly become a platform for inclusive growth.

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Accenture’s Grow SMB Framework

Turbo-charging growth by shifting from B2B-centric model to SMB-centric inclusive growth mindset.

B2B Centric Growth

From B2B-centric…

Grow SMBs by enhancing existing B2B Marketing, Sales and Services engagement channels to drive acquisition and consumption.

SMB Centric Growth

…to SMB-centric

Transform business models, products and services to accelerate growth of SMBs and help them thrive on their own terms.

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Five pillars of SMB engagements

Our suite of solutions and accelerators powered by an Intelligent Core helps bridge the trust gap.


Identify and adopt new SMB customers and partners.


Enable frictionless onboarding for all SMBs.


Drive customized SMB engagement and experiences.


Provide proactive support tailored to SMB needs.


Deliver relevant, SMB-specific solutions and programs.

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Case studies

A global networking technology company creates a new GTM to transform customer experience and lift revenues sky high.

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Accenture to Acquire N3 to Help Clients Drive Sales Growth in a Virtual Environment

Accenture to acquire N3, a tech-driven sales and demand-generation firm, that helps clients drive sales growth in an increasingly virtual environment.

Accenture Acquires Yesler, Bolstering its B2B Marketing Services

Accenture acquired Yesler, a B2B marketing services agency that helps leading brands run their global marketing programs and operations at speed and scale.

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