Accenture Logistics Platform: Win the last mile

Stay ahead of the competition with the Accenture Logistics Platform, an innovative delivery solution that enables fast, flexible last mile delivery.

Reinvent the last mile

The Accenture Logistics Platform is a next-generation delivery solution that enables carriers to meet expectations for customers and retailers. By combining demand forecasting and dynamic route optimisation, our end-to-end solution creates a fast, cost effective and flexible delivery model to reinvent last mile delivery.

The Accenture Logistics Platform allows for a rapid test and learn approach to experiment with ease and develop the right models and processes for your business. That way, as the market evolves, so can your delivery model.

Where it’s coming from

The continuing growth in eCommerce, driven by a ‘need it now’ consumer culture, is fuelling the need for retailers to evolve their supply chains and for carriers to adopt new technologies.


We predict that by the end of the year 50% of all deliveries will be local.


Of shoppers have changed a delivery time or location. A further 50% would do so if available.


Of consumers say same-day shipping is valuable. That number jumps to more than three-quarters for consumers under 30 (77%).


Of small- to medium-sized businesses prioritise carriers that offer a range of delivery times, including same-day, overnight, two-day and deferred shipping options.

The solution for reinventing the last mile

The Accenture Logistics Platform allows you to manage and optimise the delivery journey with unparalleled transparency, all from one platform on mobile and desktop.

The platform is made up of customisable modules that help to increase the speed, efficiency and density of deliveries, while providing control and transparency to customers.

Optimising the last mile across your business

The Accenture Logistics Platform provides multiple views and insights, tailored to different roles in the delivery process.

In the dispatch room

The Command Centre enables dispatch managers to view and control all activity on the platform, managing and monitoring the drivers’ performance live.

En route with the driver

The mobile app provides turn-by-turn navigation, workflow and live status. Advanced analytics improve route density and make intraday optimisations.

Behind the scenes

The system monitors the live status of all drivers and combines this with new or updated orders, plus traffic and weather news, to re-optimise routes.

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Build your own future of last mile delivery

The Accenture Logistics Platform offers several unique capabilities to help organisations transform traditional delivery models, all of which are customisable for your needs.

Demand forecasting

Predict the origin and destination of collections and deliveries using historical data. Increase route efficiency when predicted activity is realised.

Dynamic route optimisation

Rapidly and dynamically optimise driver routes during the day, based on conditions such as driver status, new or updated orders, traffic and weather.

Incremental learning

Predict driver performance, and share actual performance metrics with the optimisation controller, to improve forecasts and optimisations over time.

Dynamic pricing*

Find the right balance of demand, available capacity and cost, to smooth the demand curve and enable more efficient delivery routes. (*Future roadmap)

Origin optimisation*

Determine the best fulfilment location to maximise delivery speed and efficient inventory management. (*Future roadmap)

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Get the last mile right

The battleground for eCommerce is the last mile—and delivery organisations’ long-term success depends on getting it right. Contact our team today to learn more about how the Accenture Logistics Platform can help you win the last mile and transform your delivery process.

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